The Biggest Problem of The Internet

The Biggest Problem of The Internet
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The Internet, in its essence, is a way to share things. You have always done this. But now, you do this with the world, time travelling and gaining from everyone's upside.

If you love a mathematician from India, go to her blog and read her ideas, journey and resources. Better contact her if you have any specific queries. There are numerous opportunities. You can do a lot more on the Internet than in real life. The connection power of the Internet amplifies everything. Your work has the potential to reach a huge critical number of people. The possibilities are endless.

And perhaps that's the problem - too many choices.

Infinite Choices

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You can see this simply by searching for a video on YouTube. There are more videos on a recipe for making pizza than you need. Which one is the best? Is it the most viewed one? Or perhaps it's the most enticing looking? Why do people even watch other videos? Do you need to watch a bunch to get a sense of meaning?

The answer is nuanced. You are as same as different. You and all the other human beings are the same in their emotions, way of liking and how you will behave. But you are different in how you like things? You want to see a pizza recipe, but you like it fast. Someone else likes it slow. Someone likes it being explained with metaphors. And this is a need for 100s of videos on the same topic.

The same is true for everything you search on the internet. Be it the type of music or the news article covering the same topic.

There are different versions because you like different versions of the same thing. Even if only one person likes a thing a particular way, that type of presentation of ideas will exist.

How To Navigate

The start will be difficult, but you will eventually find your groove. It boils down to testing and finding what works for you. For example, if you search for a pizza recipe, try many videos and see what makes sense. And then subscribe to that creators. Going forward, you simply have to look for recipes from these creators and look no further.

Find your favourites and revise them after 3 years or so. You have to let go of the notion that you are missing out - because no matter how hard you try, you will miss out on some. The key is to be satisfied with the selection at hand.

If you keep thinking about infinite choices, you will land upon something called - Paradox of choice.

It simply means - we think more choices are good for us because we can see the pros and cons and choose the best. It works up until a point. And then the reverse happens. Too many choices render you paralyzed.

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