The Best Way To Do Any Creative Work

The Best Way To Do Any Creative Work
Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" / Unsplash

It feels hard to write things down. Your thoughts can be scary, and it’s often jumbled. When you start writing, you must make sense of your thinking, and only then can you write something down.

And that’s a great thing about a writing habit. You wake up and write - sometimes it’s about your week, sometimes a mundane thing about orange peeling and sometimes a magnificent moment. Whatever it is - you write your thoughts, and then each day, you become better. The way you describe things, convey and have an arc keeps changing. Until you find a rhythm, and then one day, you feel like you have got it.

But each new thought brings out a new process of writing. You restrict yourself, enable yourself and create new think pieces.

This creative process can be a metaphor for any creative thing you do. Be it dancing, singing, or acting. You must do things, work on your craft, improvise and keep learning.

But is there a better way to achieve your goals and stay excited? The thought of writing every day feels scary. What if you write continuously for 365 days? The pressure on the next day to not miss is huge. Many great people have humungous streaks. But that’s not the way to live a thrilling life. There is a better way - simply putting a restriction and exploring something new all the time.


Instead of doing something forever, have a deadline for it. For example, aim to write every day till Christmas. Or you will learn in the acting workshops for three weeks. This way, you won’t have the pressure and can envision the start and end.

But this isn’t a shortcut to avoid doing your important work—rather a way to keep things interesting. And you do that by creating new projects.

New Project Every 3 Months

Once you have done with your writing exercise till Christmas, take a break and plan your next project. It can be taking mentorships, exploring tangent learnings like comedy, scriptwriting, etc. Pick one and then pick one angle and work on it till the next deadline. This way, your projects will always be exciting, with breaks in between. And you will keep improving your craft.

Make something.