The Best Thing About Problem Solving

If you are working in a job that you hate then sooner or later, you will stop learning any new skill set. The pace and passion at which you work will diminish and it would be easy to replace you.

So the best strategy is to look for another job which gives you the passion and push to be you, solve interesting problems and make a difference. But it takes time and chances are you might have to take to make some sacrifices along the way.

Another way is to work on your passion on weekends or any time which you can squeeze to maximise your growth. This way you will grow as a person. Doesn’t matter if your passion project can pay the bills, it can at least provide a peace of mind.

Justifying The Pay

That’s all good and you can somehow make it through your day job. But if you going to stick to your day job anyway or some period of time then it helps if you solve problems there too.

Sure you might be doing the minimum things which are required to pass by. But I would suggest go ahead and indulge in bigger responsibilities, lead and do the important work. Chances are you might be recognized and your current company might become your dream company.

Or you might learn skills which will help you do your passion project with more focus, intensity or impact. Or you would realise that you can do much more in a more studio like environment where passionate people like you are apprexiated

Doesn’t matter what happens, all of it is a positive outcome. So take on the routine work but be on the lookout for the interesting problem to solve.

Growing As A Person

Let’s consider for a fact that you will either leave the current organisation in 2 years. Or you might transition to full time doing your passion project.

Either way, you can use your current job as a playground to develop your skills, learn to how manage stress and push forward. It is hard and that’s why you should do it.

Imagine for a second, your dream company would want you to be the amazing you. But wouldn’t it help if you had some amazing stories and lessons from your current role. Yes, you won’t be appreciated and it won’t give you that reward.

Remember you are doing it because ultimately it is making you a better person with upgraded skills. Which you can use to better your passion project or find that dream job.

That’s the best thing about interesting problem. Doesn’t matter where, you can solve it and you will level up.