Taking Responsibilities Because You Can

In most organizations, the team you are in matters the most. If your leader has strong ambitions, is clear about what is required and gives you the support that is required, then you should often take responsibilities.

Not only those which are entrusted upon you by the job description. Anything and everything which helps you achieve the larger goal of the team.

When you do so, you show that you care about the success of the team and that goes on to establish you as an essential team member.

It is easy to sit and do your job, and it makes sense in the most organization where you are considered a cog in the machine. But you have to make a choice to level up and choose a different organization which caters to your personal goal, recognizes you, and stands with you on tough decisions.

So that you feel like a team player and when you do that, taking the responsibilities way beyond your job description is the ideal scenario.

As a result, you will develop yourself to become a better person, a leader, and your skill-set will become the necessity for your company.

Of course, it is hard to do this. Because then you will have the onus when things don’t go as planned. There will be failures which you need to shoulder and make the success share with the team. It is difficult to do the work that matters, but if you put your heart and look for the team’s success – you will become the best person who can be trusted.

If you don’t feel like your step to take in more responsibilities will be welcomed then chances are you are in the wrong organization. Prepare to leave now – so that you get a job which you deserve.

On the contrary, if you are on a team where everyone does the work they are proud of, you better buckle up and do the work with passion, risk, and by leading.

You matter; your vision matters, and when you work with good intent, it will reflect, and your efforts will matter.