Take Baby Steps Even When You Aren’t Ready

Aiming for the future is a good thing. And you should prepare for it but the things will change because you are growing up and the priorities keep on changing. Life isn’t a linear narrative – it is when things are going fine. But once it goes south there is no chasing which direction it will go and you have no control over it whatsoever.

If you are like the majority of people then you love to travel. When you go to new places, it helps you appreciate the vastness of nature has to provide. Along with the culture, food, and peace you get when you interact.

In my opinion, you should travel to places to see the diversity which exists and appreciate the beauty of different lives.

And then when you come home, you are a totally different person because of all the experiences you have gathered. A new perspective of life kicks in and you can see things which you couldn’t previously.

But traveling can become expensive and it is a struggle to cope with the daily need of bread and butter. For some, there is a responsibility of the family too.

So when you earn a decent income, you focus all your energy on providing for a family, for yourself and then buying some things which will put your life at ease.

Traveling becomes an ‘if’ thing. Meaning that if it happens fine and if it doesn’t happen, it is fine too.


The moment you are in today is a product of all the things which you did yesterday, last year and many years before. If you go back and see what you expected to happen and check with the present now – there is a gap.

Sometimes you have achieved more and sometimes it less. And on a rare occasion you have changed your goal midway and thus it doesn’t even matter now.

As such you need to keep on making decisions based on today. Not because they are right or you want to get the opportunity right – but because it is the best way to think in the forward momentum and get the most for yourself.

Do It

When you do something for a goal you have then it helps your brain focus on that thing. For example, if you have traveling as a goal of yours then waiting for the right time and huge loads of money is not the best thing to do.

The better thing to do is to make sure you slowly add something every day, week or month. So go ahead and get a passport even if going international isn’t something you can afford today. Because you might in the near future – be optimistic. And when you do that, explore different options and choose the budget travel.

Open a recurring account to save money and boom you might be traveling to a place in the next year. If nothing changes, you can at least go to the local travel. And if something big happens, you can realize your dream and you have the basic things in checks like passport and other travel accessories.

Either way, it is a win-win scenario for you. So go ahead and take decision for what you want to achieve. Because maybe that will help you achieve it.