Are hardly surprises if you plan for it. For example, car breaking down, marriage and disease detection might seem like a surprise. But in reality those are predictable things.

If you buy a car then it is going to need the routine maintenance. Also it might get into some accident – that’s just statistics. So either you can live in denial or you save for that too.

You are going to marry and if you live past the age of 50, you will get some disease. That’s not just bad luck, that’s reality which happens with everyone.

Sure you can think that you can be exception and that can happen too. But if you are honest about yourself then you know what is more likely to happen.

Start Today

Doesn’t matter at what stage of life you are. You can start now. Even if you live for the next 20 years, discipline which you will develop now will shift your life wellness by a big margin.

Also make sure you impart this habit to your kids and make them start at the ripe age of 20. Because they can make their life go 360 degree with their decisions now.

Sure a lot of time has been wasted and you can keep wondering what if you had done certain things earlier. But all that’s gonna do is make you more sad. The alternative is to start now – make no more delays.

Still Surprised

Sure there will be still some things which might surprise you. Maybe you hit bankruptcy or you get framed or cheated. There has to be some spice in your life.

But the best you can do is make sure you don’t get messed up in some big things which matter to you. Here are some things which shouldn’t surprise you if you prepare now because that’s going to happen.

  • Marriage
  • Kids education
  • Death of parents
  • Divorce or separation
  • Car maintenance
  • House Rent or Buying cash
  • City Change
  • Vacation
  • Relatives who don’t pay the loan back
  • Some disease you might get

Hope this helps you. Try to minimise the surprises in your life which might suck the money and peace out of your life.