Stop Playing Status Role

Games are being played around you, and most of them are silly ones. It is easy to get trapped in the feeling of jealousy. For example, getting unhappy when your neighbour buys a bigger car.

As a result, you invest your energy in buying a bigger car. But since you are putting the role of your happiness on your neighbour, you are not in control.

Your neighbours can change and then you will feel sad if they have a better car. And since you are raising a jealousy mentality, you will soon start comparing yourself with everyone in your life.

From the maid, boss to colleagues and soon you will feel unhappy. Because everyone is better at something.

Money, Wealth And Status

Money is how you trade your time and energy. Wealth is assets which earn you money while you sleep. And status is your rank in the social hierarchy.

If you focus on creating wealth and making peace with your well being, then you will live a fantastic life. But often you chase status. You associate happiness with the ranking compared to others.

The approach you need to take is this – be indifferent with your status. Focus on getting most of your money by wealth creation and chase freedom and happiness.

Sure, you won’t be cool in front of your peers. Or they won’t applaud you on your back. But guess what, you don’t need it to be happy or calm or be in fantastic synergy.

The False Narrative

Consider the example that you do most of your work on an Apple computer in a coffee shop. You get the high when others see you working and sipping a cup of coffee.

Now if your Apple computer breaks down, do you feel like you can’t work. Then you are living a false narrative. You can do the same type of work on a comparable smartphone at your home.

When you shift your focus on getting work done, you do it. Stop playing in the status role. Sure if you want to work on an Apple computer, do it if you can afford it.

But don’t let that make you think a specific narrative or get lost in the status role. Focus on your work and getting things done.


When you analyse your life, you can see that this status role game is being played often.

The best strategy is to stop playing this game and instead play long term happiness game with deserving people. For example, at office stop counting who gets more credit. Take responsibility and do the best work being a leader.

In a relationship, stop counting who says I love you more in public or how she makes you feel. Be genuine about your affection and give your best.

Being indifferent in other people’s status game and putting all your entry in being excellent will make you happy. Bye-bye Status game.