Sometimes Your Ideas Won’t Resonate

At the class when your teacher asked you to give a speech, you were brave to quickly put your hand up. But then she told you make the speech about anti-bullying. And you have no idea how to go about it.

Because you have never been bullied and you will feel there is no empathy from within you. And you don’t want to go in the dark areas and feel bad.

The promise has been made. And the beautiful thing about promises is that when you keep them, people trust you for more promises. And if you keep doing that, it is a fun, impactful and worthful journey to be on.

Not many people get to do that. On the flip side, break the promises and it will take humongous timeframe to build another set of trust.

So get back home and enter the word in the internet hoping it will provide some insights. But you feel everything is raw and there is no feeling of rage coming within you. Maybe bullying isn’t that bad – you then go to your parents and tell them about the task.

Also you add that the words ain’t making any impact on you. You feel all these big agenda items around bullying is simply a waste of time and resources.

And then…


Your parents are the toughest people in the world in front of you. In their personal lives there might be many problems they need to handle. But when they see you, they take on the role of strong human being.

They don’t want to let you down. Your dad wears smile even when he knows that the next month due money is still not managed. And your mom say yes to go with you for a football match even though she is super tired with her part time job and work at home.

Sometimes I think after becoming a parent, individuals tend to become super mature super fast.

They burst out into tears listening to your disbelief. With pain in their voice, they narrated the stories of their bullying. And it was horrific. Sometimes the act they did was ugly and sometimes the scar they left was uglier.

You got a shock seeing your rock-solid parents crumbling down with their narrative. And then you hugged them and went to class next week.

This time you didn’t prepared the speech from the incidents which you read online or the definitions which you remembered from textbook. But it came from a personal viewpoint and the perspective on how bullying can leave a lifelong scar for someone.

Your speech moved people and you felt a punch in the heart reciting the few incidents which for others might be raw but for you was close to heart. In the end everyone applauded and you went home a new person.

Change The Way

Sometimes the ideas you have about something is skewed – so you need to learn more about them and encounter them closely to have a better picture.

Other times people don’t get what you want to say and its fine because you are doing it clear your mind.

And the third kind of confusion happens when the disconnect is huge. Then you need to inspect and see if you are speaking clearly enough.

Most of the times, you need to follow all three to become an effective speaker/writer. Now go make something.

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