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Something Wrong Has Happened

And it will happen all the time. Choosing to ignore is the basic instinct because someone you know isn’t been affected by it. So what’s the logically and rational step without getting killed in the process.

Time for honesty – I don’t know the answer. And maybe I will leave that to your maturity and community support.

Let’s talk about the wrong which has been done by you – maybe you vowed to run a week and then ran for 2 days and stopped. How about viewing the days not run as a wrong which has done by you.

And in similar theme, if you see the flaws or commitments which you failed as something wrong. Then you might start to see the things to improve, maybe correct them and then become a better version of yourself. At least I see the things which I have to improve as something wrong.

The shift in perspectives helps me. I hope it helps you too.

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