Selling is difficult; hence, in many companies, the sales team is rewarded highly. They have perks like flight in first class, gift hampers and huge bonuses. They are the ones bringing in leads, sales and customers.

The whole business relies on this. The rest of the staff needs to deliver on those promises. And while the quality, customer care and everything else matter, it isn't nothing without a sale.

Hence, if you have the skill of selling, you are always hirable. But often, the salespeople are also associated with a bad rep. It was being forceful, pushy and sometimes dishonest. And most people shy away from the idea of being a salesperson. Because it means being a manipulative person. Is there any truth to this? Let's unfold the layers to understand why each one of us needs to sell and why it's an awesome thing to do for any other human being.

Sales Aren't Sleazy

Sales are bad only when you have been cheated, tricked or manipulated. But when the sales result in you getting something you want, it's a magical experience. Imagine wanting to buy your dream home, and then you land an agent who understands your needs, desires and budget and then showcases you a few potential properties.

No pushy nature, no tricks or cheating - simply giving you on a platter what you want. And then, when you purchase the one you are most impressed with, you realize you couldn't have found this one on your own.

The salesperson helped you with the biggest purchase of your life. And this reflects in your happiness.

Hence, when the sales happen because you want something, you are being catered to, and your life improves. As a result, you are glad you were sold something.

Salesperson On the Internet

Creating on the Internet means you must constantly sell your products or ideas. And the way to succeed long term is by being a good human being who shares honest ideas, products that make a difference and experiences worth sharing. Because everything stays on the Internet.

If you commit fraud, you will be remembered as such. Therefore, it's always better to sell by catering to a need, desire or hope. And by not being manipulative, tricky or deceitful. This way, when your content, product or experience makes someone feel awesome, they share. And then you grow on the Internet.

It creates a chain cycle which makes sure you reach enough people. Of course, whatever you sell won't be for everyone, but it will be for someone and that someone will share in their tribe. And eventually, you will find your tribe - the community where your ideas, product or/and content will thrive.

Until then, keep creating, keep selling and keep being awesome.

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