Patriotism was in the air, Ramesh wanted to do something for the country. But he was just a man who used to sell oranges everyday. And when the time changes, he would sell mangoes.

Basically, he was a fruit man doing his job and providing for his family of 3 – he, his wife and a daughter.

Everyday was a struggle because there is no fixed income. The daughter was growing and so her needs. Among all the pain, Ramesh thought he needs to something concrete for the country.

He started watching patriotic movies or flicks which were marketed as such. Either way, he didn’t knew any better, so he would end up having different meaning of patriotic behaviour.


Sometimes patriotic meant waving the flag and other times it was fighting at the border. Or paying he tax – what is going on. He didn’t earn enough to provide and he is supposed to pay taxes.

He cried a few nights wrestling with the idea of doing something for the country and his inability to do so.

Of course he was inspired by movies and the politicians who ask people to do something, Ramesh felt a punch in his heart and realised he was more than just a man – at least he wanted to. He wanted to become the soldier.

But he wasn’t fit. Whatever the definition of patriotism was showered on him he couldn’t comprehend or become any of it.



All these time Ramesh had kept his feelings for the country to himself. Now he shared it with her wife. Who become angry and shouted at him.

That night it was heavy breathing from both even when they slept.

Ramesh’s wife made up her mind and made Ramesh calm and said – you are a patriotic man. Confused Ramesh asked for explanation.

She said, it isn’t a linear definition which you need to follow to become patriotic. You can choose your path of doing good and you will be fine.

Provide for me and your daughter and make sure we are happy. If each of the head of family made sure their family was good – then all the families in the country would be happy. Which would reflect in a good culture.

Want to be patriotic then start with yourself and provide for your loved ones. Goodness will spread and that’s the core of it. Wake up, become sober from this patriotism scandal.

That night Ramesh fought with his thoughts but eventually agreed with most of what her wife had said. It was time and he vouched to become sober. Now it’s your time.