Slow Internet Speeds

Internet is the latest invention, it wasn’t around past the 30 years and still in some areas it isn’t available. And if you talk about the fast internet then it has been only available much recently.

The ability to connect with thousands of people, impact their lives and build something has been made possible, amplified, simplified with the age of internet. You can go and learn to code, draw or understand science, history and political science. Everything is available online within reach of yours.

But when given the opportunity to get everything in the fastest speed possible, you resort to the entertainment. That is the reason in the top 10 most visited websites, you have Facebook and Youtube.

One of the features of clickbait, entertainment time consuming websites is they have endless scrolling.

For example, in facebook you can keep on scrolling and the content will keep on loading. Because of this feature, you lose track of time and boom you have given up 2 to 3 hours of your time. When you opened that site, you promised to just have a quick look and get to work. But every time you get some new videos or article and boom you are glued.


When the internet was slow, the Youtube videos used to buffer. And you had to allow it to buffer till the end so that you can watch it in one go.

Also there weren’t computers at everyone’s home, so you need to go to the cyber cafe and get charged hourly. It was a costly affair.

That is the reason, you had to picky when you watched the video, you have to let it buffer for 5 minutes and then you can watch a 1 minute video. Now, you can watch videos in pure HD in one go without any buffering.

Same was the case with the download of songs. Earlier it used to take around 1 hour to download just one song. And now you don’t need to download song – because of WiFi available almost everywhere you go, you can stream songs whenever you like. And there is no lag. Let’s say you want to download it then you can do so in just 1 minute.

Just You

If you want to improve yourself then you have to take the onus on yourself. No one is going to save you and there will be no chances given to you because you are nice.

And time is something precious because you have limited quantity of that.

Take that back by fighting the endless scrolling. Yes, it is okay to get entertained but go into that knowing the time factor. And if you get tricked every time, then it is time to keep a check on yourself.

Maybe put a timer to get notified in 30 minutes or ask your mom to remind you in half hour. Or restrict WiFi access to a slow speed such that it loads. Everytime you scroll there is a delay such that you look up because nothing new is loading.

And at that moment, you can make a decision to go back or realize it is enough for the day. Either way it will increase your patience and keep you from getting lost in the endless scrolls.