Sleep Tight

Santa Claus is scary if you don’t know the story. A guy probably old, his face covered to make unrecognizable from his original identity. The clothes full of red, maybe a signal that don’t come near me.

Turn this into a story of a legend giving gifts to kids. And now you like this guy. From a shady guy in costume giving chocolates to kid to an agent of change bringing smile to kids via gifts and cookies.

This is a part of the story you tell yourself. It can be anything – and it will shape how you think, see things and feel.

For example, if you encounter people doing bad things to you then you can be unhappy, grumpy and start complaining. Or you can look at it and exclaim life. You know it is unfair so it shouldn’t be surprising if something doesn’t works in your favor.

Doing the latter helps you to embrace the situation better and helps in moving. So go ahead and tell yourself a different story if you aren’t happy with the current one.

Night Owl Or Morning Person

If you search enough you can find anything you want to convince yourself off. For example, there are tonnes of articles stating why you should start your day at early and you will become a highly productive person.

And search the opposite term and you will find that you can work till late hours and churn a content which rocks.

Survey people and you will find that there is a mix of people – some find the mornings better while others love to work at night.

This doesn’t prove or disprove anything. You belong to either of them or to a third idea of productive. And all of it is fine because you need to find your comfort space.

Try all the different patterns and whichever suits you, go with it. What others think or subscribe shouldn’t have to be in alignment with you. Of course read all those articles, books and ideas – but let those sink in and make your own assertions. You are same as in the person who had limited hours and probably same challenges.

You are a different person as in your ideas, experiences and perspectives are all different. So make the decision considering all of these.

Most Important

Whatever pattern you follow for your daily ritual – morning chicken or night owl, make sure you sleep tight.

Because this is the most important thing. Sleep less or with many disturbances and you will find yourself in big trouble. Your body doesn’t like it when you let it do the work and no rest. You don’t work optimal when you cut your sleep time.

Sleep enough and you will work at the highest efficient level. If you wake up frequently then you might have headache or other such leaks throughout the day.

Want to get hack to do your work amazingly – sleep tight. Now go make something.