Simply Implement 4-Day Work Week

And reap the benefits immediately.

I see a lot of articles doing tests about 4-Day Work Week (4DWW) instead of the current 5-Day Work Week (5DWW).

And then they come up with results showing the parameters on different aspects. And it seems all well-intentioned. But it isn't.

As an employer, if you are bringing in $1 million dollars in salary for yourself, then you should go ahead and implement 4DWW even if you will bring in $0.5 million dollars. Your life would be the same and your employees will thank you for the extra day.

You don't have to implement 4DWW only if it brings in better results. Simply implement it because as an employer you think about your employees and no employee has unhappy about an extra day off. So stop with this back and forth. There are only 3 types of establishments. One which is sensible and has already implemented 4DWW, one which is never going to and the third which does so much testing for it to make sense.

The goal of a human being shouldn't be to toil all their life working for others. Giving them 3 days off means they can cater to their family needs and explore their artistic side or start a side hustle without sacrificing their rest time.