Side projects on the Internet

Your happiness is the most important thing you should care about. And most people derive happiness when they get to do the kind of work they want to do.

So, how do you achieve that?

A simple way is to get a job where your kind of work is rewarded. But this doesn't happen organically for most of us, or the reward isn't sustainable.

So the next best thing is to accept your job and do the work for money. So, your basic needs are fulfilled.

And then work on things which make you happy on the side as a project. Where the reward is the work you do, the monetary reward doesn't matter much.

Block 1 Hour from your Weekends for Projects

You don't have to go on and spend your leisure or rest hours working. Do your work for money on the weekdays. And on the weekends, do only 1 hour of work on something you enjoy most. It can be writing, painting, coding - or shipping something.

Write a page, share your ideas and connect with your community. The goal isn't to make a dent in the Universe. It is to make you happy.

And you will find that doing so will make you happy and might also get some monetary value. Of course, it won't be much. But even if it's only for a coffee, cherish those and keep doing your side projects.

Maybe you can focus on that side project and make it big to make it your full-time job. But beware - if your livelihood depends on something, you will find that you will be hard-pressed to deliver at any cost.

Having something else going on for money makes you relieve stress to make ends meet from your side project. But if you have to go and make it big, then it's best to have multiple side projects.

You are a person of many talents.

Contrary to what the world wants you to believe, you have many talents. Maybe those talents aren't of the highest level for all of them. But it gives you happiness, and that's what matters the most.

Your life isn't a single profession for all your life game. You can join anything your heart desires, and you will be good enough at many things to earn money.

For example, being an accountant, driver, chef, or painter - can all be your talents. You can do one or something totally different from your main job for money and then find happiness or contentment from other things as side projects.

The benefit of having multiple side projects is that even if one of your side projects becomes your main earning job - you would still have something else you do just because you want to.

So go ahead and start a side project this weekend. Not for money, fame or status. Simply because you want to do that thing.

The case for side projects on the Internet

Of course, you can do your side projects offline. And maybe you want to do it offline and that's alright. However, do the accessory things if not the main thing on the Internet.

For example, cooking food can be done offline. But once you are done, click a photo and share a story on your online blog. It's not for an audience - it's for you.

Or ask for feedback on what you made from an online forum or join a subreddit where people have similar passions and discover new things regarding your side projects.

Whatever it is - go crazy. Find your side projects, find your happiness.

As for me - I am also a person of many talents - teaching, dancing and writing - being a few. If you like my ideas, then you may support me by clicking on ko-fi button below.