Shutting Down Your Body

It is fine if you feel tired and want to sleep. And it is foolish to push yourself to do more and avoid sleep in the short term. Because you won’t be 100 percent focused and sooner or later, your body will shut down to recover.

Sleep isn’t some sort of shortcoming. It is a requirement to repair all the things which had been broken throughout the day. Also it helps stabilize your body by allowing it work on a maintenance mode.

Some people associate less sleep with accomplishment but I believe they are living in a fallacy.

The Scam of 8 Hours

If you read a lot then chances are you might have heard or read about 8 hours of sleeping and drinking 8 glass of water a day. And this worked for a long time, you don’t seem to have problem as such.

But this is scam because this isn’t how things should work. You should drink only when you are thirsty. And you should drink more if you are in hot climate or losing water because of some problem. Likewise you should sleep on a schedule and sleep till you feel fresh. And make it a routine – for example, if you slept on 8 and work up at 4 next day – and felt fresh – then do the same schedule everyday.

It can be that you sleep for 7 hours or 9 hours – as long as you feel fresh each day and you can sleep for similar hours each day, you are fine.

Your Body Gives In

You may try to cheat your schedule and sleep less thinking you are getting more hours to play by. But your body will keep on draining and within few days it will collapse suddenly and then you will have lost 8 hours in the process.

So it is never a bargain to cheat your sleeping pattern. You can cheat it when you are on night outs with friends. But remember you have to compensate it.

There is no way to cheat sleep and be fine all day or next day. And within few days, your body will come back to the normal routine.


Whenever I encounter headache there were only one of 3 reasons – food, sleep and/or something else.

If I don’t eat food on time for long hours then chances are I might get a headache and the moment I get some sugar, I feel the relief.

Likewise, if I don’t sleep enough then I get a headache for the rest of day. And I can tell you it ain’t fun no matter what you do on that day. Your all focus is on the pain and it makes your mood bad.

Fortunately, anything else hasn’t been discovered till now. So, I am off to eating alright and sleeping tight.