Show Your Love

Relationship demands communication which is honest, transparent and a punch-in-the-face. And dark, full of secrets and over-the-top comedy.

A mix of everything and sometimes nothing. Let me explain…

There is no one formula which works for everyone in relationships, business or anything for that matter. But hey, some basic rules does apply.For example, if you want to date – it is advisable to dress nice, smell nice and talk nice. It helps in overcoming the initial barrier. Of course, you should be truthful. But showing all your bad qualities at first date isn’t the best idea. Also, hiding them forever is equally bad too.

Above all – your relationship will blossom once you how to show your love. The basic idea is to make sure the other person has moments to appreciate.

Little gestures of cuddling, gifts and romantic night outs. Each of this adds up in the long run. Of course, nothing is guaranteed to make the relationship stay strong forever. But as long as it stays – the relationship would be like daisies – all white and amazing. And you want that – do you not?


You need to understand your partner and make sure whatever you do is tailored towards her. For example, a common advice for a good relationship is to give gifts. But you need to understand what her ideas are – which gifts she might like more and how to get the best ROI from it.

Consider her as an introvert person – there is no fun giving her the passes of Disney land. Understand the traits of your lover – is she emotional, strong, vulnerable, scared, loving, shy or yada yada…And then proceed further accordingly.

Acknowledging that you still love the person is the sweetest thing ever. So go on and say – I Love You.

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