Show Your Emotions

Not all of them. Because often you can channel them to make your life better.

Love is amazing feeling. But when the breakup happens, the pain and sadness comes. It’s okay to show that, feel it – cry.

Getting angry is fine. However work to resolve it in nonviolent manner.

Also you smile less and worry more. By channelling your thoughts you can take things as it is. And not overthink worries.

When you want to go out and it rains, you can’t do anything. You sigh and do something other.

But the meeting or any hangout is cancelled by someone, you get sad, overthink and probably judge them. It leads to multiple emotions which doesn’t help you.

Instead think of situations as not under yo he control – they happens. Your reaction is under your control.

Whenever you feel something – analyse to see if you overdid something. Did it harm you. Slowly you can change how you react.

Multiple emotions which makes you better and cool down emotions which don’t benefit you.

One example is when something bad happens – being anxious does nothing but worsen the situation. Experiment being little calm in small tense situations.

And you will get better at being peace when everything goes bad. And always remember to feel good about yourself.