Should You Walk Or Wait?

Winters are amazing – they don’t burn like summer. And they don’t muddle the legs like in monsoon. All there exists is a cool environment where you can wear fluffy clothes without getting sweaty. And enjoy your hot chocolate, walking down the streets. Talking about Universe and it’s existence with your close friend.

Oh my, I wish there was winter all year long. But then I guess you wouldn’t know the difference and not appreciate winter as you do now.

Malls are the new favorite place of this generation. Maybe not to buy stuff but to roam around and have a good time.

You do window shopping for most of the time and then eat when you get hungry. It is a new addition to the culture. And a common one – if you got no plans then let’s go to a mall.

Because often there is a game facility, movie theaters and lots of food. Also, the air condition environment makes it a long getaway from any climate escapism.

People Standing

I often see people standing for cabs to arrive. And rightly so because they have shopping bags and no one wants to walk down in summer or monsoon.

But one fine winter evening, I saw people with no shopping bags standing. And waiting for a long time. Because apparently, the cabs were less in circulation. But they persisted and stood there for like half an hour.

I was wondering maybe there were some who could have walked down and reached their destination in half an hour.

However, they stood because they thought the cab might come fast. Once it didn’t, they were waiting for others to be the first who leave their queue place. In a way, they were frightened – what if they make the wrong decision. And end up looking like a loser.

Taking A Call

There is a plus to both sides of the equation. If you are the one who prefers to wait for cabs often then you weigh convenience more. Or if you take a short walk whenever you can mean you weigh instant solution more.

Either way, you need to take a call. If you do one thing 100 percent of the time then you will be doing yourself a disservice.

So I suggest, learn about the commute – take a call and do it. Maybe not the right decision, it’s fine. You will end up making bad choices if you do just one thing all the time.

Try analysing and doing things as you please. And you will find different experience, surprises, and thrill. Either way, if you are with a friend alongside you – don’t forget to talk about the existence of the Universe.