Should You Create A Fake Profile?

The answer is not so obvious.

Let’s consider the fact that sometimes you need to do stuff which isn’t in alignment. For example, you might be fearing judgment.

Writing online is a difficult job. There is criticism because you need to make a choice either left or right or center. Whatever it is – tough to make a choice. Once you do that, and everybody will come flocking to you. Not to become your fans, but to disagree with you.

To hate you and do all the bad stuff.

The Risk

Exposing yourself is a risk, but then slowly, those people will go away. And some new people will come which will have the same philosophy as you, and they will stick around for a leader like you, who can show them the path. And the way to move ahead and make a lasting impact.

Slowly, one by one, they will become your friends. It will not be easy. It will not be fast, but they will become your friends, and your goal should be that.

And that’s why you can create a fake profile. For example, if you want to write online, make up a name like a john writes, something.com, and start writing. Your face is not exposed. The name is not exposed,

Over the years, you will feel like, why write with a fake name. And slowly will reveal yourself. And that’s the beauty of it. You can create fake profiles to circumvent your way, as long as your intention is not to hurt someone or misrepresent someone else. Instead to have fun, or make parody account or just making yourself comfortable and doing the right thing.

As long as you’re doing that, there’s literally no harm in creating any fake profiles. Just be upfront about it.

Many people have the fake profile names for various reasons, and you could too. You can have a false identity, not stealing someone else’s identity but creating something which doesn’t exist and, making it your own. And, leaving behind a legacy. So that’s up to you how you want to live, and that’s the way forward.

Some pointer for you to make the right decision while you’re creating a fake profile:

  1. You don’t ever steal someone identity. 
  2. Make sure that you put somewhere that it’s a false name if that’s possible.
  3. Again, you’re not misrepresenting someone you’re just doing your own origin artwork under the assumed name. For example, actors have a name stage name.
  4. Make sure your intention isn’t to harm someone. Your intention should be pure at heart. 
  5. Yes, the relation can be transitioned on money, but it shouldn’t be because you’re selling something, fraud. It should be bee just you’re selling your art. Your identity might be fake. But your art, and patience, perseverance and everything you have put into it should be the right thing. 
  6. Make sure to find a reason why you’re doing this, for example, there’s a cool story about a writer, who was a female, and she was not getting clients because she was a female and there was some gender bias. She assumed a male name and started looking for work online, and she got a better rate for her work. And once she had created a massive portfolio of work and client base, she revealed her true identity.

Her intention was not to hide somewhere or makes someone uneasy. But her intentions were pure. There was ill-treatment in the society, and she was just creating a profile to make sure there was equality. A fair price for her work and no gender bias.

Okay, so check where your heart is and act accordingly.