How To Sell Your Soul?

How To Sell Your Soul?

If you want to live on Earth then you need to sell your soul. Life isn't fair, it's harsh and you can't plan it.

Historically, when you think of selling your soul - you think of devil. Because when you are doing some bad stuff then others will comment - "Have you sold your soul to the devil?"

Because of course when you do bad things, your soul will be punished when you die. And it won't be accepted into the heaven. So the only logical conclusion is that the devil has your soul. That's why you are doing the bad stuff. Or you willingly have sold your soul and that's why it doesn't matter if you do bad stuff now. Moral of the story is that, your soul is the real you. It's pure - does good thing and is sacred. Don't sell it, please.

The Salesman At Your Door

Selling is an art and as a consume - you want to get all the deals. Best, if someone can explain everything to you. But when you are chilling at your home, a knock from a salesman is inconvenience. You want to close the door asap however you are reluctant to shut door at someone's face.

And she begins selling everything from fan to the cooker to voodoo magic. At first, she says it's FREE. Slowly the price starts appearing and before you know it - you have a hat worth $3 bought for $10.

Both of you are happy because you got a new hat. And she got a sale. If you didn't buy anything from her then you don't lose much.

But for her, she has been doing this all day. And no one listened to her. She is tired with no sales. It's time to go back at home. And she is hungry. Your payment will help her feed herself.

She has to sell like her life is on the line because it's her life on the line. And at the moment, you realize - when the stakes are high, you don't care. You will be willing to sell your soul, if it means food on table.

You Selling Yourself

Let's take the example of a relationship. When you fall in love and are chasing the approval of opposite sex, you are looking to sell yourself.

And because at the initial stage, you want to somehow get in relationship - you do anything to get sold. It means you lie, cover up bad habits and sometimes change yourself so you are good enough for the relationship.

The same thing happens when you apply for an interview. Sure, you need skills but most people have them in your interview lot. So, you need a way to stand out. You do this by selling yourself - your personality, your ideas and the unique you. And if the case is that the job is too much important for you - like no food then you sell your soul to get the job.

If the desperation is revealed, the bad folks can and will take advantage of you. The best bet is to let people have the illusion of you are fine even if you will sell your soul, if time comes.

Hobby, Passion and Selling

Life is unpredictable - you can plan all day but life gives you surprises. Let's take the example of many people working who have an education in 'X' but working in 'Y' industry.

There are many reasons for this - lack of proper education, less opportunities and too much competition so you settling for other jobs. Eventually you are working in a 9 to 5 job which you don't like. And sometimes what you like is not making you money.

However, you can't make this as an excuse to do mediocre work. If you are forcing yourself to do the work you hate, you are selling your soul for money. And that's fine.

But you should try to look for other benefits and learning experience in your current environment - that way you will feel less stressed out. And you should always work on your passion on the side to make it work. Once, it does - you can stop selling your soul and focus on doing the work that you love.

Sell Your Soul

Seriously, how to sell your soul. If all goes right, you shouldn't. Also, if you are in a position of privilege then don't create situations for others in which they need to compromise.

Selling your soul means you are breaking, doing with pain and feels wrong to you. That's not how you should live your life.

And if you are in such a situation, work hard on weekends, upgrade yourself, connect and try to come out of it.

You don't have to love your job but it doesn't have to crush your soul either.
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