What Does It Mean When You See A Shooting Star

Night sky over the church
Photo by Alexander Andrews / Unsplash

A shooting star isn't a star at all.

It's a meteor that has crossed the Earth's atmosphere and falling down on Earth. Its high speed makes it catch fire. And from far, you think it's a falling or shooting star.

Luckily, the meteor turns to ash before it can collide on Earth. Regardless, this phenomenon makes for awesome folklore. The wish you make when you see a shooting star will be realized. So, whenever you see a falling star, close your eyes and wish for the fantasies you have. Better if you are with someone and both of you make a wish together.

As A Coach

When you are responsible for getting the best talents to the public, you have to tread carefully.

It's easy to focus all your energy on those who have proven themselves in the past. But as a coach, your responsibility is to make sure there are new talents emerging. And you do that by having a laser-focused vision. You let anyone come for the trials. And if possible, let the new talents train for some while. You meticulously study them and those which shows good progress - should be moved to the next stage.

There are people who have the talent to become stars. Just that someone like you have to identify them and then give them everything they need.

No Special Meaning

The thing is - the literally shooting star or the talent of people doesn't have meanings. You give it to them.

If you believe seeing red trees would make your wish come true - then that's the truth for you. When you have a belief, it's okay to believe in anything. Because it's you who make things up. But it has meaning and value - because you attach those. And it's as real as when someone makes a wish seeing a shooting star.

When you see a talented person - all you are seeing is potential. But most things are developed over the years. And there is no real talent - only random choices and believe that this is your passion. And 10 years down the line, you are living an amazing life because you think your passion is something you happen to be born with. But your talents are a mixture of random choices and hard work. And a bit of luck. You aren't born a shooting star, you choose to become one in a specific field.

You Connect The Dots Later

When life is happening to you, you are oblivious to the destination. Hence, you are confused but when you become someone or achieve something - you start to see a pattern.

How you choose things and you can see a clear path. But that's an illusion. You are connecting the dots after you have reached.

So, that advice might not work for others.

All life is - is a random juggling of hard work, talents, choices and luck. You mix them all and hope. And once you become a shooting star - a star which is accomplishing everything, you start to make sense of it all. But you don't have to. Enjoy the journey and when you reach a destination, start another journey. Keep moving...