Scratching The Car

I love food – all types of delicacy. And I am open to new items which I haven’t consumed in all my life. But there are few conditions – I can’t eat anything raw, it has to look appealing and if it’s my first time then I will try the dish at a fine restaurant.

You might think that you don’t like many foods before even trying. It’s okay because it is not possible to try 1000 different foods available. But if you are little open – then you can find many new food items to add. The best part of living in my area – is there are different ethnicity. So you get to gobble many different variations in the canteen.

Sometimes it happen that there is the same type of vegetable your friend has brought. But still the ingredients and the style of making is different. You get to experience many different flavors which your tongue isn’t used to.

The Canteen Culture

Bonding happens best when you eat food with someone. Doesn’t matter – if they are your parents, family or friends. Once you share the food table and stories – you are bound to get bonded better.

So, the lesson number 1 is to always time find to eat with people who are important in your life.

Once you go to the corporate office job, the canteen is the place where you can share the food – stories and get bonded. Also, not to mention the different types of food which you can gulp down. It feels like you are on the experiment to find out how to make the certain vegetable in the best way possible.

But deep down, you are addicted to your mom’s style. Yes, that potato wedges is spicy and cool looking. But still you love your mom’s simple and easy potato wedges. It is like a game where you can go out of your way and have fun – yet come back to your home-ground.


A big part of my culture is the festivals. Most of us have the same common festivals – along with the different variation each one has. Also there are different festivities which are being celebrated. No matter how much energy you put into it your own version – there is a curiosity and fun in exploring what your friends are doing.

You don’t have to follow their ideologies, religion or anything else – just basic ground rules that the humanity exists. Soon you can go to their home and they can come to yours – the deep bonding can happen. All of these happens by the means of celebrating the festivals with friends and family. I guess the energy gets doubled when your friends joins you in your home.

The best unison happens when you join in with the different aspects, respect them and share the happiness.

No wonder that you will get many such occasions where you can share your positive energy. On one such event I was invited. And what happened blew my mind…

The Invitation

One of the recent events -I got an invitation to have lunch for a festival – happily me and my colleagues went there.

Since there were many of us – few of them decided it will be best if we use the vehicle. Few bikes and a car were available. I sat in the car and drove off. The hands were oily, mouth filled with sugar and mind tempted to the extreme. I gobbled all the food I could – it was too damn tasty.

It felt you couldn’t stand up after eating so much. Our body got disbalanced due to excess weight.

This is the common scenario in festival. You eat a lot because the host will give you till your heart’s content. It is a privilege to feed in festivities. Also somehow in food tastes much better – almost heavenly when you cook them for festivities.


When we were departing – I engaged in the conversation. And boom the radio lit up with the songs from the 90s. With the volume going up – we all cherished the moment and it was a bliss.

Something happens when you revisit something from your past. Maybe the song, location or the associated memory. And if it is a happy endeavour then why not. The song was making us move with passion and our mind was in peace. What a feeling to be in after a delightful meal…

And there came my drop – I casually asked why not park in here and get down to walk together.

She said – people scratch her car in here. I was taken back in the moment. What? Why?…So many questions.

The fact that the locality consists of highly educated people made my head go spinning. Education is good and it helps but you can’t guarantee a nice human being at the end of the road.

Imagine for a second – you get jealous or any other emotion evokes – let’s say anger. And you scratch the car of a fellow human being. How can you gain joy from these activity.

If you want any kind of change then you have to get it from within yourself. Scratching a car, saying bad things behind someone back or making fun of others won’t take you far. Let’s vow to not scratch the car – if needs arises then the car be of self and not others.