Schindler’s List Review

Often before watching a movie, you watch the trailer, read reviews and then make a choice if you want to watch the movie or not.

This is the safest way to watch a movie or else you would end up wasting more than 2 hours of your time.

But this method isn’t full proof. Sometimes the trailer is good and movie is bad; and vice Versa.

Another way to watch a movie is to look for recommendations from a friend who has similar taste in movies like yours. So when she tells you a movie is awesome, then try to watch it directly.

I did the same with watching Schindlers List movie. I got the recommendation and I went in knowing nothing about the movie.

And I ended up loving the movie. It’s a great movie. But I can guarantee I experienced a superior experience because I knew nothing going in for the movie.

Wanna try this – if you haven’t watched Schindlers List, I recommend watching it. Tell me how you feel.