Save Your Articles For Better Reading Experience

Everyone has a daily routine, and it can involve simple things like eating 3 meals a day to complicated things like understanding your grandma while you make breakfast finishing up the ppt from last night.

The question is – can you do better and if yes then how. A simple solution is to be better organized.

But can your computer advancement help you in some way. Let’s try to find out by seeing one such activity of a day.

Reading Articles

If you want to open up your mind and have a better understanding of the world around, then you need to experience many things in life. Go out and take that dance class, try to bake, and interact with different cultures.

But you can also pick up a book and read. Often the authors have put in everything from their life experiences. So when you read a book, you get a condensed form of their learnings in about 90 minutes of reading.

Now, that’s a bargain. Next time you are wondering whether to read a book, simply go for it because the upside is enormous.

In essence with this, you get up every day and open up your email. Because you have subscribed to all your favourite newsletter with different perspective and topic. One by one, you open up the link and get to the reading. It takes more than 2 hours to get through all of text and more if reflecting on something takes longer.

However, sometimes you get disturbed, had to go somewhere, or you want to save the article.

Therefore, you copy the link and save it in a desktop folder. Also, you unread the emails which you couldn’t get to because of time constraints.


One of the ways to tackle the disruptions is to design a period where you dedicatedly read articles. Something like the morning 7 to 9 a.m. period where you will only read the articles by sitting isolated in your room.

This allows for a streamlined process because that is the dedicated hours. So no one will disturb you on that period.

And this will work just fine. But still saving the articles for future reading isn’t something tackled yet.
You ask your friends for suggestions, and all of the methods involve some kind of work on your part.

At this point, you are lost. But at least, you can read your articles with minimal distractions. But there are times when you feel you could read an article. Like traveling or catching 10 minutes in-between meetings. Is there a way to make use of the time in an efficient way…?

GetPocket Extension

Enter GetPocket extension from chrome, which also has an app. You may use it to read articles in beautiful font or just as the web version is. Basically, you open up all the links you want to read.

And then save them to the GetPocket. Now, you open up the extension on a browser and read articles.

As soon as you are done, you can delete them or add to your favourites. It transforms the articles with just text in the beautiful font so you can focus on reading. But if you want the web version, it does that too.

The best part is because it is so easy to save up articles, you can save everything you want to read later.

Just because someone sends you a link, you don’t have to go through the trouble of saving for later by unreading the message. Just click and save for reading later.

Next time, when you find 10 minutes to spare, open up your GetPocket app, select the article as per the time available, and read it. You can do this because it shows the estimated time to read the article. It is so easy, it almost feels like magic.

Take Help From Technology

The main idea is that you need to have the willpower and discipline to do something. And that’s the basic of anything you do anything in life.

But since your life is advanced by technology in all aspects – go ahead and find apps, extensions, services which can make your life easier, better or more meaningful.

Technology will keep on improving, everything will keep on getting better. So whatever you are doing – check if it can be done in a better way by adopting new services of technology. Chances are there will be some services to help you out.

And soon, you will find better systems which get you more or save you time or both. Now, you can focus on adopting more projects and doing more of work you are passionate about.