Repeating Yourself In the Age of the Internet

If you hang out with one friend and repeat what you said, she might feel weird about the experience.

But it’s good to be repetitive on the Internet because not everyone listens the first time. And also, the same information, if packaged differently, spreads. One more reason is that it reaches potentially different people.

For example, you might write a tweet on Twitter. Screenshot the same and share it on Instagram. Take that idea, rant about it, and upload it on YouTube or TikTok. One idea or perspective is shared again and again. Another way is to share the same offering after some time. For example, if you are running a newsletter and a course. Retargeting your readers after six months with the same offering is good. Maybe they weren’t ready before, and now they are.

But there’s more.

There is a bad side to this. Since the internet and the audience might keep changing, you can repeat the things that don’t work. And fall into the cycle of trying many things, and none works.

The way to get out of it is to startle yourself occasionally. You might be doing this, but break up the pattern and try something else to see the results. Keep tweaking yourself, and you will find your audience for your craft.

Repetition is Required

When we talk about art, it’s often writing, leading, dancing, or other things that bring you inner peace. It’s good that you enjoy doing them. But you need to practice your craft. Often, art is redoing something. Acting is reacting; Dancing is creating music, and so on.

And you can create the magic you want only by repeating yourself, putting yourself out there, doing it repeatedly and perfecting it. You can either do this work behind the scenes and only put out polished work. Or you can share your journey and build an audience when you finally put out your polished work.

Great People Often Repeat

When you see your work as something to be proud of, it can’t be a one-hit-wonder. YOu should be able to recreate it. Not the arbitrary results of a billion views but the magic of someone seeing it and having an experience.

And some repetition is because of who you are. If you enjoy a certain perspective, you will keep bringing it up. That’s your story; that’s you. Keep creating amazing art.