Repeating Your Story

Your brain isn’t smart to remember you everything that happens. If you did then your life would become a living mess. You will end up remembering all the small details which are insignificant for the longer term.

Hence, you remember only the big moments which are out of ordinary or something which you repeat the story.

The more you tell a specific story, the more it becomes embedded in your brain. And that becomes a part of you.

The first time you got your job, the falling from your cycle, your first love – and so many things which you cherish on a fine evening. Or it comes to you randomly. Moments in life are like that. You forget all the things and your life is a series of moments.

Which you keep repeating and thus strengthens your way of life.

When you spend time with your family or friends or love partner – often you talk about the present things. But a bulk of your talking is about the moments in your life. For example – ‘you know what happened in my childhood…’.

And so your moments are a big impact factor in your life. The way you cherish or not cherish them makes or breaks life.

Change The Story

If something bad had happened and your remember it then you will become sad whenever you remember it. Slowly you will become more mature, better and you won’t be the past you.

But those memories stick around. The best thing about memories is that they belong to you. The way you remember isn’t the truth. It is how you remember it. Hence, if Th e current story isn’t helping you or making you comfortable – you can change the story.

You can start by narrating a slightly different story. And then slowly it will become the truth for you.

Because your current actions will support it. For example, you remember a story where you were frightened. And now you are a courageous person. So that memory isn’t serving the current you.

You can stop telling that story or modify it to say it was the day you found your courage. Remember the narrative you choose shapes your current world.

So make them so that it serves you. And not hinders your process.

Remember it isn’t cheating or doing anything wrong. Your story, your narrative – change them.

Make New Ones

But sometimes you don’t have to rely on your old story or memories. If you had failed in something and it is a memory for you then go ahead and make some new winning memory. And repeat that and avoid the losing ones.

Remember you are the one who creates and changes the narrative. Don’t let it hinder your current stage of mind.

You are your narrative – and you decide what the narrative will be. The moment you decide to take control – your life will become better. And make sure you actively doing more things to suit the narrative you want.

Thus you will keep making new memories suiting your narrative.