Remember To Check Back On Your Notes

Taking notes is a beautiful habit. It helps to write about anything which you need to refer in future, write down goals or just random thoughts. You can do this in traditional paper or use any one of the notes app on your phone.

If you are a fan of typography then you can relate – it is amazing to see your ideas in a beautiful font, arranged with spaces and the texture.

Do this as a daily habit, and soon you will have written too many notes that they would be multiple scrolls on your phone.

At this point, the worse thing to happen is that you keep getting ideas, but you don’t get back to your old notes. They are waiting deep down, lost and asking for your consideration. But you are busy making new notes.

How to tackle the situation where your habit of notes making has become a mess…

The best way is to incorporate a habit which allows having organized look at your notes, discarding some and taking actions along the way. Sure, you won’t be perfect or make the right choices all the time. But it’s about getting to all of them and making decisions.

Periodic Visits

Every month, set a reminder on the weekend to go through all the notes. Discard the ones where you won’t be pursuing them, delete the ones which have been done and fill out the ones which still feel enticing.

Maybe you can pin some of the ideas to the top so you can focus on the coming next days. It happens a lot that the idea turns into a project and gets done. But still, the notes exist, you can get rid of it. The idea isn’t to remove the nostalgic things. Instead, you should de-clutter so you can focus on the next project.

Also at times, you write something which seems promising at the time. But when you have thought about, you aren’t willing to go ahead.

So it isn’t a fruitful exercise to keep those notes. And you need the space for new things to come, so old ideas have to go.

Pin The App

When you are bored, the first app which you open is the one which has the most entertaining factor. And also the most distracting nature. At times, you would not look at the notes app for days.

You should focus on opening the notes app daily – not for looking but for adding your ideas. And to do that efficiently, you can pin the app on your home screen.

That way, the first thing you do is open that app and write down your ramblings. Yes, initially, most of your ideas won’t make sense or won’t amount to anything.

But at this stage, you are building a habit. And slowly it will catch on like fire. The next thing you know is that you have too many ideas you want to write. And it comes to you at all times.

Now, maintain the habit of checking back on notes every month. That’s how you make them into awesome projects. And get the most out of your creative thinking.