Rejection Hurts But Maybe It's Not You

Getting a job is a difficult task because you aren’t trained in how to get one. All your life, you have been taught to fit in, study and show up for a test. If you do well then you are promoted to another level and if not then you are forced to do it again.

It doesn’t matter what are your interests and likings, you have to study them all. Even if it messes with you, makes you feel inferior.

Sports are considered a secondary thing. And people who do them are only looking for an excuse to not study. With so much pressure, you have finally graduated from the long battle with education.

Of course it taught you a thing or two made in the process made you stick to something basic. You are prohibited to use creative, social interactions and other life skills. Because those won’t get you marks.

Like you many people have graduated and they are looking for a job. But you don’t know how to give interview – what’s the importance of social interactions, how to lead a team and do the important work. Slowly you get lost in the lowest possible job for which the education isn’t really important. It is a simple job on excel which you could have learnt while you were 10.

But instead you have been taught so many things and yet none are useful unless you are going to become an expert.

Rejection at job hits hard because that is your source of living and will dictate how you live your life.

Likewise Relationship

When you are in your first love phase, everything seems like this is going to last the lifetime. And then 2 months down the line, you both are separated. The pain is making you wonder is it even worth it again.

And sometimes you can’t let go off that feeling. You are in denial for a long time that you have been rejected.

But on the positive side, facing the rejection in relationship is a good thing which can happen to any individual. Because it makes you stronger than ever before. And you can now view relationship with a better lens.

You value them more, understand it and take decision with maturity and not with some love phase.

There comes an understanding, care and adjusting side to relationship once you go through the harsh phase of break up.

Not You

Whenever someone rejects you, it hurts a lot. But deep down you have to think of it as a professional front.

Because it is 2 way relationship. When a company rejects you for a role then they are saying you aren’t a perfect fit for the company and simultaneously the company isn’t a good fit for you.

Likewise in a relationship, when someone tells you they are going to break up, then they are hinting that you aren’t good enough for them and simultaneously they failed as a partner too.

So the rejection happens on both ends. You get rejected and the other person rejects themselves. After this, you have to look at the things and understand the things you messed up.

And then work on it. Go for it again – different company and different person. Because you have so much more to give. And when you see rejection as a hint to do more, you will pass from it with a positive vibe. Then it will do more good to you than it can hurt.

So face rejection like a boss because now you are going to get upgraded from here. Good luck and now go try something new.