Really Good Websites: A Reading List

Really Good Websites: A Reading List

The Internet is a magical wonderland. And as such, most of its gems aren’t easy to find via a simple search. You have to scour the internet, join communities and really dive into conversations to find the gems. Here is a list of some of the really good websites from the depth of the internet. I love the internet, its possibilities and the wonders of it. As such, I wanted to share this with you - so let’s dive into the magical land.

The Slow Experience

Let’s start with something amazing and unique. I am sure you wouldn’t have heard about this. Today everything is praised if it’s fast. How fast a search can be, how fast can you write and so on?

But this website takes a u-turn and when you experience this side, you can’t go back to the normal or rather fast things.

In the fast-paced experience of the world, this website focuses on a slow experience. Famous for their interviews with a super chilled environment and setting. And it is literally being slow. In the middle of the interview, they go on a walk, see the sun and cook meals. Or sometimes drive and talk casually. If you want to see some quality, information-rich and slow interviews, go to this website.

Custom Avatars

In the digital space, everything is digital. And as such, avatars have been on the rise. It’s your identity online. And your work is often recognized by your avatar. Why not get an amazing avatar while also doing a bit of good deed. Covatar does your portrait and more but also donate a few of their earnings to a cause. It’s really an awesome thing to do while you are creating an identity for yourself on the internet.

Who Pays Writers

Writers are always looking for ways to earn money. Because often they aren’t sure which publication pays and also how much. Not to worry - who pays writers is a place where you can share your story of how much you earned from whom. And as such, there is a collective wisdom that can be used by all writers. It takes out the guessing away and you can focus on pitching the publications which pay a decent amount.

Reading reviews on websites, often by one person is nice. But it doesn’t show the true picture. When a publication is vouched by many writers then it can be considered legit. Also, the best thing is people also share how long they take to do the payment. This is something that often comes as a red flag - sure that can be a legit publication, but do you really want to do the work if money comes after 6 months. Each one of us is free to decide and the ‘Who Pays Writers’ website helps you take that decision with ease.

Side Hustle Stack

Side hustle is on the rise. Remote work is becoming the norm. And most things are being done digitally. With all of this, there is a demand for tools to make your online work easy. And there are lots of tools available. So, it’s difficult to find the platforms which will work for you. Not to worry, side hustle stack is a place where you can find a collection of platforms and their pros and cons. So, you can decide for yourself where you want to start your side hustle.

So, get your stack - doesn’t matter which categories you belong to, there is a stack for each one of us. And let’s start our side hustle journey. As much as you need the motivation, drive and obsession over your idea - you also need a perfect stack to build it upon.

Famous for his Twitter threads, Naval Ravikant is a genius entrepreneur. With a vast variety of success under his belt, he shares his insights and then you can see the world in a totally different way. For example, one of these insights is - wealth is a positive-sum game where status is a zero-sum game. When you are competing with someone on status, one of you has to lose and the other wins. But in wealth creation, everyone can have a house. Just because you got a house doesn’t mean - there is no more house. Wealth creation helps everyone.

Hop onto the Naval Ravikant and you will find many interesting takeaways and thinking nuggets. It will keep you up at night and hopefully push you to do some interesting work.

Rohan Bhardwaj is a physics graduate, thinker and cheese lover. He is a big proponent of the internet and its possibilities. You can read his book on the internet here.