Rank Yourself

Continuing with our freelancer journey, it is important to rank yourself. And then see where and how you can grow.

Compared to others who do what you do, rank yourself on: reputation, knowledge, expertise,
tools, handiness.

I will compare myself to Jon Morrow who is a prolific writer.

On reputation: He is a brand. And I am nobody. I would want to work my way up to make this blog and me as a brand. Everyday blog is my way to bring out the promise and make my reputation go up.

On Knowledge: I have a good enough knowledge on many things like writing, technology, people, culture, life and usually I observe a lot. Jon on the other hand is an expert in writing and related things. Here, I think my storytelling is at as close to his level.

On Expertise: He is an expert in writing. I am approaching that level. With each writing piece I publish, my hope is to get an inch closer.

On Tools: Since you are living in an internet world, for writing you don’t have to invest heavily, A simple google docs account and a grammar editor can do the work. And it is available to everyone including me.

On Handiness: Since this is related to the brand, clients don’t see me as handy. So once, my brand is high on level – my handiness will increase too.

Which Will You Invest In Developing?


Once I become a brand in myself, I can approach clients and they can expect a certain kind of work from me.

My writing is my brand. And I hope to reach a wider audience to make my blog and me as a brand to look out for when they want an engaging story which they can use to connect with the audience.

That’s it. Go ahead and answer this for yourself.