Quantity vs. Quality - The Ultimate Truth

Quantity vs. quality. Is one approach better. Should you produce more quantity than quality? Or should you produce less quantity but more of quality value?

Let’s explore the quality vs. quantity debate…

An NYTimes article will perform better than the same article on a new website. So, it suffices to say that the quality article isn’t a measure of success rather it is how well you are trusted.

So, people and bots will trust NyTimes more than a new website. Hence, it pays well if you build trust along the way while you are writing quality content.

Similarly, in your career, relationship and any new project – it pays well if you focus on trust. That is perhaps the most important thing. Yes, you need to be the best, deliver and be honest – but all of them comes secondary, how many people trust you matter the most.

If you are failing in any area of your life, do introspect to see if you can build trust. Most of the times, other things will fall in place, if you are willing to do the work and play the long-term game.

New Quality Burger

If you are McDonald’s, people are more than willing to try out your new burger. Yes, taste matters if you want to keep selling that – but it will only happen if you happen to sell those first-time customers. And since you are more than a decade old franchise, people are willing to risk their money and lunch on you.

Compare that to the newly opened restaurant – not many people will come and buy your new quality burger. And it’s not something personal – it happens.

The best thing you can do is share your burger for a nominal fee or free so that your existing customers take the leap of faith. Also, in the process, you will some new customers to try out the burger because it is free. Once, they get hang of the taste, experience and story you are selling – chances are they will come next time to buy that burger.

But all this will happen only if you are trying out new things, risking something so that trust can be built in the process.

In this example, if you produce more quantity then it might help because you can sell cheap. Because whether it’s a quality burger can only be judged after people had taken the risk.

Quality Time Vs. Quantity of Time

In relationships, the amount of time you spend with your partner isn’t important. It’s the quality of time. If you spend the whole day with her but doesn’t create a thrill then it’s a waste.

But if you meet only for a few moments and create magic, then you have done your job.

Quality beats quantity because in a relationship that’s what is valued from the beginning.

More Quantity To Improve Quality

Let’s take a famous example of writing a book. It’s a painful task. You have to produce a lot of quantity of pages. Because your first draft is going to be bad. And an editor can’t edit if you have only a few quality pages.

No matter, how much of a genius you think of yourself – you will write badly in the beginning. So, it’s better to churn more of your writing.

And only after many sessions of edits, you will find that your book is of decent quality.

Quality > Quantity

Sure, quality is always better than quantity in an ideal sense. But when you have to serve a thousand kids food fast then good enough is okay. However, when you are dining at a 5-star restaurant, you don’t expect quantity but superior quality.

So, in a general sense – the place, your expectation and what you want to accomplish decides which is better.

And in most cases, you have to churn out the quantity to get to the quality of any kind.