Put off your headphones

Dressed in the trending clothes and shining shoes – you go on and meet the cool people. Those who identify with your ideologies and listen to the same music as yours. And you share the video of the biggest prank ever pulled. You laugh, they laugh and it is shared again to the new set of friends.

And the routine continues. You watch the trending section of YouTube and curate a list of videos you will share with friends and family. You then force your way to make sure they watch it and give their reaction. But there is a hope and expectation that the reaction is similar to yours. Your friends know this too. Hence, they ask you first about how you feel. And give a similar kind of reaction – sometimes genuine and sometimes fake.

But it doesn’t matter to you…

You want to look cool by becoming the first among the friends to find something great. Congrats! you have become the coolest youth ever.

Headphones In Ear

You live in day-n-age where your earphones are constantly in your ears. And you are glued to the screen for most of the time. Maybe it is listening to music, watching YouTube videos or video chatting with a friend. And in the process you cut yourself from the crowd – the noise around you.

Starting from the day – waking up and listening to music while on the way. Then listening to calm music or podcast while you do some laundry or gym. Going home and sitting on the couch and binge watching the shows alone for hours. All these times, you plug in the earphone and get lost in the world of imagination, reality and everything in between.

Of course too much of anything is bad. But the argument isn’t about usage. It is about the urge to get your earphones and disconnect from the world around you.

This routine has been instilled in your life to an extent that you don’t talk much when you get at home. Rather you get fresh asap and then isolate yourself to enjoy the experience of modern day binge watching. The argument isn’t about right or wrong. It is about how you do detox yourself…

Doing these everyday isn’t something I would opt for. Would you?

I guess…being in the moment. And relaxing peacefully at the couch is a game changer. If you feel the urge to binge watch then get rid of the headphones. Instead opt for a community viewing – either with family, friends or both. Whatever combination fills up your seat of like minded people.

The Alternative

Whenever you find yourself in the jungle of content – ready to absorb you, take a step back. There is no hurry to consume all of it. Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t watch it all or listen all the music. If anything you will end up either watching a lot for once. Or watch some selected things and discuss it later with friends.

Tell me which is more fun…

Even if you aren’t looking for a fun getaway, the human touch every now and then is a must. So every once in a while, put off your headphones. Because your ears deserve this rest. And you deserve a connection in real time. Pull out those headphones….