Practice Is What You Need – Common In Every Craft

Sitting on the beach, playing with a guitar and humming the latest song is the dream you always envision. But the beach isn’t nearby, the guitar is costly, and singing voices needs to be practiced.

The masters seem to have an easy way. They come on the stage and rule the audience. You wish for a magic spell like that.

But you weren’t born in luxuries home where servants catered you; money was thrown for you to explore ten different art forms and practically made sure that you succeed. Being born in the middle class is terrible. You take a sigh because at least you weren’t born in a poor family where the only question you might be wondering was – ‘when will the next food come from.’

You let your dream be just that. There is no magical element to help you, push and make you the next star.

Follow your passion seems like hollow words successful people say so that people like you can do something to pass their time.

But they intentionally don’t tell you the magic sauce which made them successful. Sometimes at night, you wish for the secret of the masters. However, it seems that even God is on their side.

Too Much Failure

Almost all of the successful people tell that they worked hard, and that’s why they are at such heights. But they conveniently don’t tell how many people worked hard and didn’t succeed too.

There are many people who failed despite hard work. So of course, there is some connection thing going on in here.

People at the top don’t want you to succeed, so they won’t share what they know with you. Because then you too will succeed and their place and prestige will be threatened. No one wants to leave their position of power.

With power comes money and ability to do things which aren’t allowed to normal individuals. It’s like they are on a free ride from the sheriff.

You don’t want to try hard and fail. You need a recipe for success and just do that. No trying to becoming something which you can’t even see what’s in the end? Let’s get a roadmap and walk the hell out on it. So you reach your destination without much trouble and misguidance.

The Masters

Enough of your rant buddy. Here is the truth. Yes, there are many failures. But that is a learning stone too. You get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. So you can double down on things that work.

Yes, there are some things where connections are important. But the truth is you can too make that connection.

Start by providing value to them. And slowly they will become a mentor of you to make you level up.

If you are working hard and have something to provide in value, you will be rewarded. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what is your earning status. Show up with something valuable to others natural, and you will get the money.

There are masters who tell you to work hard. By working hard, they mean one thing. Practice your craft every day.

If you are a writer, write every day if you are a dancer, dance every day. If you are a plumber, plumb every day, do it better with each progression, and soon you will reach master status. Now go and first practice your craft.