Possibility And Enrollment

The Change — It’s Possible

Earlier book publishing house would publish about 50000 books, and now a million books get published.

This has become possible due to the kindle, Spotify and iTunes – the people, have realised that it’s possible now to publish.

Missing From Education

While it may seem possible, you need the courage to show up, fail, and find the path. And now than ever, chances are you are not forced. So enrollment becomes voluntary.

So if the enrollment is missing, then the possibility goes out of the box.

Four Quadrants

High possibility, high enrollment: You know you can get the results; hence, there is a large enrollment. For example, social media likes or chasing the published status.

Low possibility, high enrollment: Becoming an NBA star is rare. But the enrollment is high because the winners of the lottery are celebrated god-like. And hence the imbalance.

Low possibility, low enrollment: Consider lava surfer. There is no system so low enrollment, and the risk is high so low possibility.

High possibility, low enrollment: This is the most essential quadrant of your life. Because if you care enough, you will get it. For example, becoming a nurse. There is no status built around this.

Two Types Of Summer Camp

One model is based on competition and scarcity. So you do things because there is a sense of you need to do things – no enrollment.

Another model is based on generosity – you can do anything like running, making clay models, or swim. Do anything, but you need to do something – so you enroll, and then it becomes a cycle, and everyone wins.

Management Vs. Leadership

If you are managing, then people reporting to you are doing their job because you told them. There is no enrollment, there can’t be this way.

Another way is to become a leader and sell your goal and make them see the other side, so they become enrolled.

But this can’t happen unless there comes a cultural shift of being enrolled. People like us do things like this – because we are enrolled. Make sure your reward enrollment and cherish it, and the system will push to get more enrolled people.

And it doesn’t matter how possible it is, without enrollment there is no movement.


  • What to do when you find opportunity in a new domain?

In some industry like a hospital,, you need to be an expert or no one will come to you. But in many industries, you can succeed by bringing something new to the table.

Not for everyone but for someone and your job is to find that someone.

  • I built a slack – watching TV, but it feels like I could be doing art

Once you put on television, it keeps ongoing. So the question isn’t when to switch it off instead which channel to switch to.

If you want to watch a movie – do it intentionally and go back. Another way is to take a walk instead.

This will help clear your mind, and then you can find resources to do more meaningful work for you. Also, you can get intentionally bored and use to make the most when the opportunity arrives.