Podcast Is The Future

Podcast Is The Future

Or rather the present. When you think about it - you were fascinated by movies. And listened to the songs on radio. And then there came commentary on radios. You used wake up on certain time to listen in.

Or perhaps, you were like me who used to listen to radios only on a car drive. Because that was the only way to listen to music while driving for a while.

Of course, writing is there. And there are advocates of written word that it can be edited, polished and so on. So, it's superior. While podcast is in the mood, it's all over the place. But it too can be polished by editing. And it's the instant conversation that clicks.

YouTube came along and made it easy to share videos with the world. And if you listen to the video without watching - that's the podcast. In summary, podcast is just listening to voice recorded. And that's happening from over the century. So, what's so new about podcast. It's the same when comparing movies to YouTube. One is a closed industry - very hard to get in. While the other is an easy way for anyone with an internet connection to make her own movies.

This concept is legendary. So, the idea of podcasts has been around. It's the liberty of anyone making it and finding their audience is the new leap.

So, you can make a podcast and share your ideas, commentary, narration or whatever you want with the world.

And it doesn't need to have any format. Because you aren't adhering to radio shows, you are creating your own shows. And sharing it with the world - so it's your theme, style, length, topics and your journey of finding a place for your ideas.

Written word, videos or voice - these are all mediums of sharing. Do whatever you feel comfortable in. And remember, podcast is only going to grow bigger. It's competing directly with YouTube.

For example, let's say you watch a reaction channel reacting to trailers and doing commentary. You watch that video because you have already watched the trailer. Now, you can listen to a podcast talking about a trailer. And you can consume that with the same bandwidth.

If you are on the fence, try podcasts on whatever platform you want. Regardless, if you like it or not - it's a fun experience.