Pizza & Sushi, Joy and Mediocrity

Water, cheese, enzymes, tomato paste, oil, and many other things, that’s all the things that go in your regular pizza.

The Pizza You Grew

In the US, there are more than 70000 pizza places, and almost all of it make terrible pizza.

Sushi is made by hunting a rare almost extinct animal and then combining with rice and then refrigerating it. And most sushi places are terrible.

How is that?

Let’s try to understand by this axiom, a true statement: the pizza you grew up eating is the pizza you love.

Extending it, if you are from India growing up eating spicy food, then you will like spicy food.

Lots of people grow in the suburbs and so they take their kids to a pizza place and serve them a frozen pizza. And you like it because that’s the pizza you grew up it, which was convenient and easy.

Domenico Demarco Pizza

He is the one who makes pizza with love and care. He says the ingredients are the same and wonders why everyone else doesn’t make it right.

He might take 3 minutes to make pizza before putting it on the oven. So people might be waiting in line for over an hour.

They aren’t waiting in line for convenience or cheap pizza. They are waiting because he did something different by adding care.

The Story Of Maria

Maria worked at the Johnny pizza store for over 40 hours. She understood that pizzas quality is inversely proportional to how nice they were to an outsider. So you might call on Sunday, and no one would pick up because they were closed.

And if you order pizza, it won’t be put in the oven before you arrive because: they wanted you to wait for their pizza and she didn’t trust you.

Unfortunately, she got killed in a car accident and Johnny pizza shut down.

Because of how good pizza is personal. It is interconnected with the effort and care of the person who makes pizza.Pizza In Arizona

Someone would tell you that you can’t make a good pizza without coal or the type of water in Arizona and a bunch of other absurd reasons.

But Chris made good pizza in Arizona.

And Domenico showed everyone all the ingredients and made his pizza in a standard electric oven.

So it’s not a secret.

The convenient way to make pizza is the wrong way to make pizza. E.g. adding bunch of yeast so you can bake in 2 years.

On the other hand, Chris adds a tiny amount of yeast and bakes after 15 hours.

That’s a lot of inconveniences. It turns out convenient is the enemy of good pizza.

On Sushi

Fifteen years ago, you would have to take a risk if you wanted to have fresh sushi who didn’t know how to make them.

Then the industry discovered that by freezing fish up to ‘minus degree Celsius’ that it taste good for convenient sushi. Add to that a robot was trained to do the rice work.

So by averaging it out many times, sushi is safe and convenient. And so is buying pizza from your local store freezer.

Convenience isn’t the point.

If you are going to walk away from a good pizza place to save 5 minutes. Then what else are you willing to walk away from.

There is an absolute scale of pizza quality. So a good pizza is better than lousy pizza regardless of where you grow up from.

A pizza made in an inconvenient way with care is better than any pizza made the lazy way.

Seth’s exception of never eating sushi at the airport is a corner in Marriott airport in Tokyo. At that corner, there is someone who cares. They don’t make sushi in a hurry. You need to sit down and tell me what you are going to eat.

Then humans who have learned only to make ice and fish with the real wasabi for you. All of that is a total inconvenience to them. And you will realize that it’s a worthwhile inconvenience.

Making better doesn’t mean adding a robot to make it faster or cheaper. But instead, maybe there is something in life doing it inconvenient way because that’s better.


  • How to get a feel for numbers in case of maths? What’s the approach? And how to apply it to creativity

As it turns out, music is a game because there are rules, choices, and outcomes. Games help you think of understanding choices. You are not using any formula, but rather you are using your knowledge of numbers and upgrading them.

This happens when you played tic tac toe when you were a kid. The idea is to play the next game happened which is more complicated.

  • What is risky when trying for creative work, should you quit the day job?

You get to play the game as long as you have cash flow. So you have to work, it might not be art, and that’s okay.

If you are the person who is fueled when all the chips are down, then you know what to do.

If you are the person who thinks of continuing playing game is more important, then you should keep that day job. Because you have plenty of hours after work to make your rent. And since your primary income comes from day job, then the art will be more generous.

You get to choose the art and audience. So if you pick an audience or art too big is a fallacy.

Instead go for the Minimum Viable audience, one who pays back for your time and effort. Small enough to make you sustain.

Because aiming big while working day job is difficult to do. Make a boundary and priority as per your goal and do the work that matters to you.

And do the work good enough that people pays you money to do it more. Then you can think of expanding your hour of making art.