Picking Your Battles - You Have Limited Time

Life puts you through many tests, and stress is a part of it. At every stage of life, the next stage seems beautiful.

When you were young, you felt that once you go to college, all your problems might go away. But then you didn’t have money, so you dreamt of job. However, you forgot about responsibilities and old age seems like heaven, but you didn’t account for the pain in the body.

Grass does seem greener on the other side.

Every day as you try to maintain your calmness, you are faced with situations where you are challenged, triggered, and pushed to become angry.

And it gets you every time. The moment you come home, you are stressed with the bad things that happened throughout the day.

The thing about your bias is that it chooses to focus more on one bad thing rather than ten good things. So one bad interactions shadows on your whole day, and your mood become a little spoiled.

Sometimes it feels like you should quit it all to go and retire at the Himalayas. But then, how you could enjoy the luxuries for which you worked hard. Next day comes, new beginnings and the same routine…

The Rude Encounter

Every day, one of your friends taunts you and tries to have a verbal spat. But she doesn’t have to try hard. Because you give in immediately.

Also, many different things are happening like your boss stressing you to deliver faster, family asking you to take an extended leave and friends pestering you to give the party.

And amidst all of this, you start to reflect a specific type of negativity. To defend yourself, you begin to get angry.

This drains your energy, and at the end of the day, you feel like you have accomplished not so much. Because the parts that you remember are the ones who made your blood boil.

The Reactions

Your energy is limited. And as such if you keep spending it on things which aren’t useful or changing, then you won’t be able to use them for valuable situations.

Maybe you can skip the verbal spat with your friend and save that energy to have a proper dialogue with your boss.

At every instance, you will be faced with many battles. And you have to choose your battles. Choose those who are important to you and those where change is possible. Or else, you will be wasting a lot of your time and gaining stress.

Next time, someone tries to make you angry, try smiling, and keeping mum. A calm mind is a powerful statement.