People Might Stab You If You Are Nice, Especially If You Are Nice

Be good and stay quiet, make no mistake, be honest, be friends with everyone – these are some of things you are taught growing up. And being a kid, you follow most of them. Even if you do some mischief, it ain’t big of a deal and it is all cute.

The moment you grow up, you realize the world is a mayhem and people are metaphorically killing others to move ahead in life.

The values are dumped and it is used as a facade and not a real character. If someone is using those values in real sense, you and your friends will treat them badly as if she is the one doing something wrong.

Slowly, one by one you let others feel that this is normal – cheating is fine, make loud noises, deceit, try to act like friends and take advantage and make mistakes but hide them too.

And the cycle keeps on continuing. You teach your kids the same thing about the honesty, being good and throw the trash in the dustbin. While you comfortably do the opposite and enjoy the things because of your bad things..

While the people who are nice are subjected to many peer pressure. And when those don’t let themselves in with the situation, they suffer.

Being A Bad Person

So are they the bad person? Probably not. Because they ain’t criminals but they are creating a culture wherein you negative is spread in small nuances.

The drawback of becoming a bad person to go up in life is that you have to be bad every single day. On the flip side, you can do the work that matters, bring in positivity and make change happen. Maybe you won’t reach that heights which you envisioned. But you will be happy and you get to be a good person every single day.

Why Be Nice

So the world is essentially a bad place. Even seemingly good people filter nice people because they don’t play games.

In relationship, work and many areas this is prominent. So why even be a nice person at all. The world will live on and there won’t be any benefit to you.

But then you can look back and see the history – there have been instances where few people wrote the path and brought in the shift which made the culture a better place to live. If you give in and become a bad person then slowly all of the people will become bad.

The alternative is be good and bring in values, ideas and shift to do better work. And then someone else will get inspired and then one more. Slowly a critical mass will become a better group of people.

And then boom, the culture got shifted. All because you stuck around. So be nice, good and do your work – it matters and I believe in you.

Unless there is a chance of you getting stabbed literally, be a nice person. Because the side effect of being a nice person is that you might get stabbed. Good luck and now go make something.