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Pain In Your Body

Do something tough for a day – maybe exercise heavily or do some mental exercises to exhaust your body. When you wake up next day, there will pain your body – something which will tell you to stay down and relax.

Because your body is down and it requires recovery. Sure enough, but if you listen to that every time you try to push boundaries then you will find yourself in a place, where there is no growth for you.

Slowly you will recover yourself. But then your will level will be same with no growth.

Train More

When you wake up next day, do the same exercises – maybe not all of them. But do something so that your body recovers and still is in the habit of doing something new.

Keep on doing it – so that your body now has to grow and become powerful because that’s the only way to go.

For example, if you do 10 push ups today and your body is in pain then do 10 push ups tomorrow too despite the pain. And do it again. Slowly you will find that pain goes away eventually. But now you are capable of doing 10 push ups. Now add 2 more and repeat.

On the contrary if you give in on second day to the pain, you will fall back to natural state of not doing push ups – which is bad.

Not Serious

Please do this only when you experience nominal pain and not something which is a result of actual injury. If you get injured by doing something then go to the doctor and treat it.

What I am talking about is the pain which your muscles gain when you try to do something uncomfortable.

So go ahead and conquer on your pain – because you can and I believe in you. See you on the next side of leveled up human being.

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