Over Promise, Under Delivery

Is a bad idea. When you set high expectation, no matter how good you deliver – you will fall short.

This is true for business, relationships and career.

As a business, your customers expect a decent service. So you can opt for set expectations and set reality. Just do the job.

For example, fast food chains promise one thing – okay food fast and they deliver.

Or you can under promise and over delivery. But if you do it in typical day job, your boss will think you are playing games.

Either work in a people first companies which value work life balance and let’s you lead. Or deliver your work as it is. But sometimes hit the ball outside the stadium.

Or maybe in relationships, be open and lay out your cards.. of course when you are in it for long haul.

So you do some decent things, some good work and sometimes surprises. A mix from both sides. And you will lead a good life.

In short, when you make a promise – keep it. If you can’t over delivery then it’s fine, just keep promises and you will go far.

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