Oppressing Others

Being born as a human is a beautiful thing. You don’t have to do the juggling for survival. There are hopes, dreams and fears which you can chase.

There are advantages to being at top of the food chain. You get to opt out of the race of life. You decide how you want to live the life, find a dream and do things everyday to get near to that dream.

It can be anything – becoming a doctor, helping someone or observing nature. The underlying nuance is that you want to be successful. And you tie success with money.

If you have more money, you feel better about yourself. Money comes with power and status.

There are many things in society which has revolved and its bad – one of that is status. A feeling of being superior in comparison to another human being. For example, in a family of lions, the superior lion eats first.

Do you see similar behaviour when you go in social parties. Are someone being treated superior than others. It happens and that’s how the life is shaped around you. Of course, status can work to make things happen. But in the raw sense, you should avoid chasing it.

Now when you consider money as something which gives you power – the first thing is to understand power over whom. For you to be powerful there has to be someone lesser than you. And since the life is unequal and unfair, there will be differences in capacity of earnings. But if you try to show that deliberately, it is a kind of oppression.

Finding Happiness

Society can shape you to do anything. There is a chance that you feel better about yourself when you more money. And bad about yourself when you have less money.

Also you might love to show others how much more money you possess – at the surface it is an innocent behaviour.

But deep inside it is a toxic nature. Happiness isn’t related to money all the times. You can be happy just because. Also if you find happiness in making others feel small – then you are doomed.

That is the lowest form of human behaviour and something which you don’t want to take forward in your life.


Sure you can be a bad person to someone without you realising. And that is the case how so much of the oppression happens.

But the key to being a human being is to realise you are more than your current state. Be open to different ideas and use your rationality, morality and objectivity to drive yourself and your behaviour.

Not knowing isn’t an excuse for a bad behaviour. So understand your actions. Are you oppressing others or making them feel bad by being you – take a deep look at yourself every now and then.

And if you find something worth changing, go ahead. Your best self is yet to come.