It Literally Takes One Minute For Plank

It Literally Takes One Minute For Plank

One Minute Planks are the magical secret you have been waiting for. Your life, health and peace of mind is connected to one-minute planks.

Thirsty, tired and in a rush – that’s your state of mind when you come from the office or school. The 8 hours feels like all day. The breaks are insufficient and the boss wants you to work as a slave.

Of course, you follow them and do as they say. But your body can’t control it any longer. It needs to be recharged. Or else, someday you will collapse and there will be chaos. You don’t earn much, your family struggles to keep food on the table.

The capitalist people want to earn more money. Hence, they will suck every blood from your body. They don’t care, if you are being treated as human beings or not.

On the contrary, they will try every chance to make a mockery of you, force you to do the hard work and the payment won’t rise.

Because when the time will come for increment, they will cite how much work hasn’t been done by you. Ironic isn’t it – when the time comes for leave, you are the star employee. And when the time comes for a pay increase, you are a cog in the machine.

The Aliens In Outer Space

Water is an amazing thing. Space exploration is hard and when you think about it – the vast majority of the space is endless darkness. What are you supposed to find there – you don’t know. Nothing and everything.

There is a mystery, and that makes it interesting. Aliens are the next big thing that happened. We don’t know if they exist. But you want them too. Life is precious, yours, mine and everyone who breathes.

But are you sure – breathing is the sign of life. For example, imagine an alien who exists like a rock. Nothing goes on the surface. But that alien is conscious of its existence. And that’s life.

The only thing that separates you from the rock is the consciousness that you exist. You wondering about the existence is the proof of your existence.

When you search for aliens on other planets, you look for water traces. Because water is the best thing that describes your life and life in general. Take, your body – it is filled with water about 70 per cent. The crucial element of your body is the brain. In fact, your brain is you. And it is about 80 per cent of water. Take the Earth, the only planet till now where life exists. It is filled with water on the majority of the land.

Or the first living organism, it came from the sea. It makes you wonder, life doesn’t exist without water. Or if water exists, there is scope for life.

Of course, you are not considering different things like an alien who thrives without water. Maybe it thrives on methane gas.

You don’t know and it is difficult to imagine all the possibilities. So our best bet is to hope that life is with water and search for water traces.

If not for aliens that really exists, you might find aliens which are similar to us. One who has evolved from water.

But evolution itself is a tricky game – you don’t know how things change or how fast.

The Butterfly Effect

This is a famous phenomenon – the argument is that even a single snap of butterfly wing can have drastic changes somewhere else.

Which contributes to the notion that even small seemingly inconsequential things have a great impact. And your life is a series of the butterfly effect.

Well, this is true and you can understand it. But what can you do about it. For example, if you blink 3 times instead of 2 now, your life would be different by some magnitude. But you won’t know the alternative. And living a life caring about everything is exhausting.

The alternative is to keep doing things to make sure the big 5 things of your life are in order. And you can live a good life.

Also don’t think about butterfly effect too much. Because whatever your status is right now can be traced back to the flap of a butterfly. And it doesn’t tell you anything.

But this butterfly effect can help us understand why if aliens exist has to be different. Considering the water is the main ingredient required for living organisms. But even a tiny change in the evolution will produce drastic changes over the course of thousands of years.

Hence, when you think about it – the aliens will be drastically different. And you can’t even imagine how they will behave. Because of the butterfly effect – which would have happened.

It is absurd to think that in all of the Universe, you are the only living human being. But what if your whole existence is just a coincidence. And life wasn’t supposed to form in the first place. Remember, everything exists because you are observing it. Else, everything just is and no one knows because no one exists.

The Rise Of Soda

Water is the thing that is needed when you feel thirsty. Hence, when you come home – you are looking for a glass of water.

But you see a can of soda. And it is enticing. What could be better than soda because it has water? And also sugar. It’s like a double enjoyment.

If you understand fitness and how you can weight then you will know that sugar is a threat to your body. When you consume sugar at such a great level, you risk being getting diabetes and obesity among other health problems. And soda is a big contributor to that. One sip and you get a big dose of sugar. Sure, it provides you with a rush and makes you excited temporarily.

But it takes away your health which you recognize in the latter half of your life. Old age kicks in and everybody part starts aching. And then many problems arise which you didn’t even think of.

The Curse Of Old Age

In your 20s, you are young and thus you can do many things like playing, partying and still going to the job. But when you age, your body loses its energy. And all the things which you did with your body – start showing up.

For example, Jackie Chan – the legendary martial arts has experienced this first hand. In his early days, he did all the stunts with minimal padding and no ropes. This resulted in him becoming famous for providing wholesome entertainment. And in the process, he broke almost all of his bones.

It healed and then he continued to rule the entertainment industry and made a name for himself for providing family movies to watch.

But since he is old, he isn’t able to do all the fancy things he used to do. His body aches every morning.

All the hits he took while early on his career are showing up the tension and effect in his old age. And now he wonders why he did all those things in the first place. Good for him that all worked out and he enjoyed the most popular face for cinema, kung fu and comedy worldwide.

But if the curse of old age didn’t spare the Jackie Chan then who we even are.

Fast Food Era

Fast food by definition are foods which are made fast and can be eaten in fast fashion. To do so, they are often deep-fried things, high in sugar and cream. Guess what all of these things do provide your calorie intake – but they take it a step further. Because they provide too many calories.

And these become fats which accumulate on your body. When you are young, you don’t realize this because you are active.

You run, walk and then play – there are lots of things which you do daily. Hence, when you consume fast food, you are fine.

But once, you get a job and the sedentary life starts, the activity subsides. But your fast food habit remains – because they are tasty. So you eat in a similar fashion, however, you start gaining weight in big proportion.

The middle belly starts growing and you realize you start looking like the old, fat uncle. Guess what, you have become one.

The fast-food which you adore are in fact the road to get fat fast via food. And your taste buds settle for mediocracy.

What Is Good Food

What you eat is what you become. This is so simple to read and understand. But when you think about applying, it gets trickier. You want things fast because the capitalist markets have advertised you that way.

And asked you to not wait. Because that way they can keep pushing huge amounts of low standard things in the market.

And you will end up buying them because it is easy, fast and conforming with your principles.

But what if you flipped the idea on its head. Instead of wanting something fast, what if you were willing to wait for the food. Turns out, it takes time to get the best meat, grow the best tomato and veggies.

When you rush through things, you do things badly. When it comes to food, taking your time just enough is necessary.

Because that’s the best way to enjoy your food. Even the most mundane looking foods taste amazing when you cook with the right ingredient, right way and enough time. When you rush – because you want fast, it won’t always be aligned with quality.

And the food is something you must heavily invest in terms of quality. Because remember, what you eat is what you become.

What You Drink

Less water means a problem for your body. And so does more water. There have been many claims on how much you should drink.

But the best method is to gauge by your body. If you feel thirsty, drink water and you will be fine. If you feel hungry, eat food. To make this effective, restrict yourself to drink water and not some soda.

So you can gauge, is it a thirst for soda liking or genuine thirst for water. Same for food – keep a fruit you don’t like much with you. If you feel hungry then try eating that. If you do then you were hungry. If you didn’t then chances are, you were simply craving some fast food as per your taste buds.

There are many drinks which can be useful – like protein juice, saltwater and vitamin water. But you gravitate towards sweet, sugary syrup.

It’s like a slow poison. Your body doesn’t need so much glucose or variations of it. Hence, it gets trapped as fat. And you don’t move your body enough to burn them. But even if you do, the next day – you are gulping down half a litre of soda or more.

The Decision Problem

Decisions are hard. Because once you make them, you have to own them. So the easy way out is to look for others to make decisions for you.

So when things go south, you can always say – it wasn’t your decision. And if things go well, you can claim the benefit of doing the hard work.

You want to win and not fail. And you can keep doing work that way. But that’s not how life is supposed to be. It ain’t a series of winnings you had but how much you played. And when that is counted, you need to have a series of failures too.

Make decisions – fail. Maybe 10 times but then you will learn. And make better decisions. The goal isn’t to take successful decisions all the time. But to make more decisions to get a good amount of success and learnings from failure.

Both are needed for you to go ahead in life, grow your maturity and understanding. Be a better human being.

Connect, share and become generous in your life. Because that’s how you live a good life – by taking bold decisions, owning them and becoming better one step at a time.

New Year Resolution

When you think about the new year, you remember the endless party, alcohol, dance and fun in general. But the new year is when you resolve to change your life.

You might be going through a bad phase for a long time. But you wait for the year to end – write down your resolution and then do the change you seek. The most common goal is to become fit, run a marathon and do dieting.

The motivation is at its peak. And so you join the gym, make up a diet and go for morning walks. The air is amazing when you breathe in early in the morning. Everyone is in full spirit. Turns out everyone resolved to get up early and do the exercise. You couldn’t be more proud of yourself.

At the same time, you hope that many people drop their resolution so you would get an open space all for yourself.

You imagine all the progress you would be making and get happy. After a sweaty routine, you head back home – feel good and share the pics everywhere.

Now, depending upon your motivation – you will do this for a week or a month – but after that, life takes over. And you are back to square. Slowly you stop doing anything you resolved. And then mid-year you realize, you failed. But then you let it be. Life is difficult anyway, so you go with your life. Because you can always resolve to change your life next new year.

Simple Things

Take a bag of gym clothes, buy some high-end shoes and the costliest gym membership. Or do a plank at home.

The alternative seems simple. Because it is. But like most things in life – you can achieve humongous wins by doing simple things. For example, if you want to lose weight – the best thing to do is eat less than you require. Thus creating a calorie deficit and you achieve the weight loss. There are complicated things like Paleo diet, detox and a bunch of other things.

Or consider earning money – a one-time negotiation at the job for a high raise would bring in millions compounded over the years.

Simple things are easy to understand and effective at bringing out output. But when you are looking for a change in your life, you ignore the simple hacks.

Because how come a simple thing brings out amazing results. Hence, you gravitate towards things which seem complex or is. And then people selling you stuff take advantage of you.

Remember, you can always go for complex things to bring out the edge in your performance. But for most people, all they need are simple things to do.

Usain bolt, the fastest 100m runner would need many complex training programs to be on the top of his game. But you and I need to run 5 km in total every day to burn a good amount of calories and increase the stamina to feel better. You can always level up, but it starts with simple programs.


When you come home from the office or job, you are exhausted. You can’t move your body once you reach home. The energy is at its low.

The best thing you can have is water. It is a magical element which replenishes your body of the water loss. And then you can gulp down any food items to gain energy. Without water, you will not be able to function. But you choose the alternative – a soda which has water. But also has huge amounts of sugar.

Something which is bad for you. And then you eat chips which are deep-fried. Homemade food aren’t preferred. The latest gimmick advertised is hot on your mind.

Be it something to feel cool or a bribe by giving you a toy in exchange for buying the chips. You are lured and your short term thinking because of dopamine gives in.

Dopamine is the happiness hormone which you experience in the short term reward. But there is an alternative which is serotonin – a happy hormone which gives your happiness on long term reward.

Eating chips would make you happy high for a few minutes or hours. But having a healthy body and mind will give you happiness high for years to come.

Now when you weigh the pros and cons – it seems obvious to drink water, less soda – being aware of your choices.

But the simple alternative isn’t lucrative enough for you. The giant companies win and you lose in the long term. Sure, if you are doing this knowing all the consequences then it is a different matter. But often, you want a healthy body, peace of mind and all good things.

But the society and culture trap is such that you give in. What if drinking water is made cool like drinking soda.

Or eating enough is made lucrative than gulping down all you can because it’s cheap and tasty.

One Minute Planks

Planks became popular because of their funny memes and prank. Basically, you hold a position for a set time. Hence, people started doing it at various places like the beach, club and random places.

It was fun, the prank was acceptable and thus it exploded. Everyone around the world did some kind of plank. Either to understand them or the prank.

Also, there came many funny memes which became viral and some fall flat like a plank. Exercising is difficult in general. You need to have the equipment, wear proper clothes and do a bunch of different circus trick to pull it off.

But when you compare this with the plank, it is simple. You can do this at your home – literally anywhere. And all you have to do is take a position and hold it. No motion whatsoever. The pressure to hold the position does all the trick, and you can develop good body strength and muscle in the process.

All you gotta do is start doing one-minute planks. Literally, you can do one now. It requires the space of your body length. And that’s it. If you have a place to sleep, you have a place to do a plank.

The Mind Game

When you think about it, most of the things in life are limited by your mind. Take a kid, she learns to walk, trust you when you throw her in the air. When you ask her to take a risk, she jumps – no thinking about what will happen.

Hence, kids are agile, flexible and can be moulded into anything. But as you age, you realize that life comes with more restrictions.

And you think – many times, you overthink. Hence, you limit yourself before even trying. Of course, there are areas where your risk analysis will pay off. For example, you shouldn’t hop in the lion’s zoo. Because if you do – you die.

But consider public speaking, if you fail – you don’t die. There might be an embarrassment but it wears off. And you can try again unlike the hopping in lion’s zoo.

Many of the risk like – starting a side project, proposing to your friend, asking for a favour might seem like life-threatening. But there are naive. You can fail a hundred times doing this and you still get chances to try again.

So it is a pity that you won’t try them because it is risky. The fear doesn’t go away when you think hard about it. It’s there and you can’t do anything about it. But don’t let it stop you from exploring and making the bets in life. Because that’s how you get the exceptional reward and mega learning experience.

Do The One Minute Plank

It literally takes one minute to do the one minute plank. And it changes your life. Simple exercise, simple commitment and it drastically improve your life.

How you may ask?

Because if you don’t do this then you can’t give any excuse – this the lowest of the lowest thing you can do that is effective. So if you can’t find 1 minute and a space per your height then you are lying to yourself.

And once you do one minute plank, you do more.

And that’s the point of every exercise, routine or habit. You keep on doing things and you get better, stronger and fiercer.

When you will look back, you will realize – it was so simple and all in front of you. All you had to do was execute on it. Remember, you can dream of doing the complex exercise or going on doing the best – but it all starts with one step.

Take that small step, make the small bet – win, lose and repeat. Experiment, find success, hope and believe.

Of course, the changes are far away but that’s the point. It ain’t easy to stick, but if you do it then you will reap the benefits for much longer.

Your body, mind and you yourself from the future will thank your past self. Do. One. Minute. Planks.