Once You Start Taking Notes, You Start Taking Deeper Notes

In college, one of my friends used to do tutting. And she would come up with routines and then showcase them to us.

Every week, he would prepare something new and then be proud that she could come up with something new every time. But one day, we asked her to do a routine from 2 weeks back. And she couldn’t do it.

Where she was now was better than before. But you can’t remember all the steps. So we suggested that she record herself and keep it or post in on social media like YouTube so it becomes a repository.

Once she could show a new routine, she could point all intrigued to YouTube to see the massive history of the routine she had done.

Ideas flow and you will forget most of them. So it is necessary that you take a note of it for ready reference.

Notes App

You can take notes on the notebook in the traditional style or in the app. Whatever suits you but you have to have a note system in place.

Because ideas can pop up anywhere and you have to be ready. In the initial days, you will feel like the ideas aren’t coming. But when you jot down a few, then more ideas will come and then your brain will be trained to come up with new ideas.

The next thing you know – your to-do list of ideas is big enough that it can fill up the entire month. You don’t have to use all of them. But having a list helps you to prioritize and be ready every time.

One Step Further

Once you start this process of taking notes everywhere then you will understand that your technique isn’t best. At first, you will write one word or two and it will not pan out properly later. So you will transition into writing one-liner about the idea. But if you look at it 30 days from now, it will not have the same meaning.

So you have to start taking deep notes. An example would be the idea, what triggered that idea and what you want to do with that idea.

Maybe it is related to a story of a book you want to write or something about your career. Properly describing it helps your future self to do it justice.

If you are simply taking notes then try taking deep notes. And if you aren’t taking notes then what is wrong with you. Go fuel that idea, note it down and then execute when you can.