On Writing Articles – Structure and Rules

Writing is hardest when you try to write about something you don’t know anything of. But once you know a little, you can put down your perspectives and then boom there is a paragraph.

And if you are reading books, learning how the story flows then you can craft some kind of story to say what you want to say.

Try to write it down again and you will find it difficult again. Because you are not used to the process of jotting down your thoughts.

Many people stuck because they are thinking of writing the best words. You can’t and won’t be able to become the best from the first day. So you shouldn’t try. Instead aim to write, just anything and it is fine.

That is the reason there are a writer’s block tips going on around. Many people claim that they have writers’ block where they can’t think of anything to write. What they are actually saying is one of the following :

  • You didn’t read as many books, articles to understand this thing.
  • You haven’t experienced this in real life so I feel I can’t write.
  • You want to write the best article ever. Until then I might not write anything.
  • They are in a delusion where they are looking for excuses.
  • You don’t want to write something which will offend someone.

And many such excuses. But that’s what they are – an excuse to shy away from the process of writing.


Tips are always appreciated as long as it makes the writing process easier. Because sitting at a place and typing away words which make sense is difficult. While talking, you can use multiple languages, gestures and make faces. But in writing, only your words have to do the magic.

So there are some structures which are helpful in making sure you write better and readers read.

  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Avoid complicated words.
  • Avoid getting too technical.
  • Check if the basic grammar is in place.
  • Use list.
  • Give headings and subheadings.

Having a nice structure helps you write in a better manner, and it gives the reader enough white space to not get lost in chunks of text.

Editor And Yourself

If you want to make sure your writing is a good reflection on the work you are trying to portray then hiring an editor is the way to go. Of course, you can get away without editing everything, but it helps to make your message concise, close the loopholes and most of the times it helps you to see things which you are blinded by because you were the writer.

In the end, you need to read out the article or message you wish to publish – to see if it makes sense while hearing it out.

If it does then it is fine to publish your writing. It is fine otherwise too but going this way helps you position yourself as a better writer. And aren’t we all looking to do more?

Breaking Rules

Of course, you can’t follow all of it and still write rocking content. But it has to be readable for it to be appreciated. So of all the things, using short paragraphs and basic grammar remains of high importance.

This way your writing will shine — not because it is the best. But because your message was conveyed to the reader.

And slowly if you persist long enough, your writing will naturally grow. Practice is what makes you learn different things, reading helps, experience new things help. But all of this will take time. For now, you have to sit down and write – no matter how bad it is. Write it down and then, whatever happens, sit down again tomorrow to write again.

Your future self having written more than 1000 times will thank you for sticking and doing the work every day – because it matters.