On Unisex Clothing

The world is changing fast and as such, the fashion industry and clothing in general needs upgradation too.

Many brands are now coming in with a new line of clothing, which is gender neutral. For example, they might have a white colored shirt with a specific design and call it to gender neutral. Men and women can both wear those, and there is no particular way to know if it is masculine or feminine.

But before diving into the new trend, you need to understand how clothing evolves.

There are certain norms made by giant corporations, culture, and acceptance. So, colorful clothes, short and tight clothes are considered feminine. While bland, loose, and appropriate length clothes are considered for men.

This reflects in all the clothes which are the same. For example, men jeans are generally loose, dark colored, and have no design elements. While women’s jeans are usually tight, colorful variants and have some floral or other design elements.

So despite the clothing is the same – jeans, specific things make them feminine or masculine.

More Differences

There are some types of clothing which are only for a specific gender. For example, suits are for men; skirts are for women.

Now, because there are many gender identities in the world, so it doesn’t make much sense to have two aisle – men and women.

That’s why corporations have come up with a solution – to design clothes like t-shirt, shirt, pant, and jeans and removing all the traits of femininity and not similar to traditional male look too.

When you buy those clothes, it is difficult to label a specific gender, and thus you may wear those.

Better Way

But the issue I feel isn’t much in the design of clothes. It is in the idea people have in their mind.

When a woman wears traditional men’s clothes, no one bats an eye. But when men wear traditional women’s clothes, everyone loses their mind.

So you should work on losing those judgments. And let anyone wear whatever they feel like.

Women can anyway wear a skirt, jeans -tight or loose, t-shirts – long or short & also men’s jeans, pants, shirts, etc.. Men should be allowed too, and it should be considered normal to wear those traditional feminine clothes.

Many people mock people or try to guess people’s sexual orientation based on their clothes.

Remember, whatever a person wears is their clothing preference, and that’s it. Their sexual orientation is personal and lets it be that.

Gender neutral clothing is an easy part of the equation; the tough part is to have the acceptance of your society towards individuals freedom to wear what they like and not judge them, normalize wearing clothes.