On Teachers, Students And You

Teachers are like poetry. They rhyme with times and has deep meaning in concise words. They are the ones who bring out the best in you. And if you meet someone who is passionate then you reach newer heights.

Often the liking’s you have as a kid is honed by a good teacher. Because she acts like a mentor guiding along the way. From the nursery till college, you need someone to tell you how to do things right. And teach you the subject you are passionate about in detail, with stories and igniting fire in your belly.

I am a lifelong teacher and student. As it turns out, I love explaining things to others. And since I know a fair amount of science and mathematics — I teach those subjects.

Yes, making the subject interesting and teaching with an intention to spark curiosity is a goal. But the bigger goal is to make the student a better human being with a rational mind. A person who is open about ideas, discusses thing and goes for the most logical way out. That is the job of mine as a teacher.

Being Trendsetter

Students want to look cool. And the teachers are supposed to be boring, uninterested and tired. And all of these are traditional education block. If you want to be a cool teacher — more power to you.

I would rather say – become the trendsetter. Because your clothes don’t define you in the slightest moment. What you wear, how you look all comes secondary. The primary requirement of a teacher is to bring the best from the boring text in the book. In essence, make it live, interesting and something to talk about.

Being Empathetic

Yes, this should come normally in every profession — rather every human interaction. But in the field of teaching, you need to be empathetic to understand the students need. And give her the best consolation. Because it often happens that they get lost in the grading system.

Ranking on scores is an age-old system — based on the industrialization. And teaches nothing except rote learning. And students have been taught to feel bad about themselves when they can’t bring the desired marks.

But you know that the marks don’t decide the future of the kids. And being a good teacher, you should make them understand and feel better — if they can’t keep up or don’t bring in the desired marks.

Being a little empathetic goes a long way. And it brings out the best from the kid. Also it avoids them from taking any stupid steps.

Being Curious

Teaching is a tough profession. Not because it has the burden of all the kids and their future. Rather because it isn’t enough to teach if you know things. You should have the personality, understanding of things and ability to come up with fun examples. All of these makes for a fun teaching and learning experience.

Analogies are a great tool for teachers to come up with the idea, make it easy for students to relate and make them remember it for longer time. Or maybe use something from pop culture. A reference to Michael Jackson is something they will remember and use it to refer the teachings at home.

All of this with the attitude to remain curious is the key to exponential learning. Because at the heart of teaching, your job is to impart curiosity. And let the students take their amazing journey.

Being Accessible

You can become a boss to your students — by making your voice stern, letting them ask only questions related to studies and showing your bossy attitude. But all of these will negatively impact your journey along with students’.

As a teacher, you need to be cool, calm and accessible. Whether by email, after teaching office timings or phone at the school — you need to make sure you can be accessed after the lecture at least for 1 hour. And the questions needn’t be surrounded around the studied topics.

It can be anything — career options, relationship dilemma or just listening to your students plight. It helps them loosen up. And you can guide them in the right direction or route them to a better person who can help them.

Being a teacher your focus should be on the overall development of the kid and not how much marks did she scored.

Being A Student

Times changes — and so do the outlook on life by students. You can’t have a 80’s perspective, understanding and teach kids of the 90’s. You need to grow yourself along with the times.

And the best way to do it is by becoming the student. Feel what is a normal day in the life of student — the ups and downs. What is the emotional and parental pressure? How do they tackle the situation. And become student in the cloak of a teacher.

You are a teacher and student too. Each day you learn something new or teach something to others. That is learning and teaching in your every day life. Of course it isn’t a profession so to speak. But it is a big part of your life. Because it helps accelerate your career, outlook and you end up being better human beings.

Being a teacher is hard
Some students give you a card,
But you aim for something more
Whether all of then took care.

Grades and scores are important
But not the only thing that are important,
There is more students like sports, personality
And if nothing else, there is a hidden probability.

So change the norms and be brave
And become passionate — crave,
You are more than your score
You life is endlessly more.