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On Money, Job And Creativity

Money is a big thing – but once you go past food, clothing, and shelter, you start looking for things not necessarily connected with money

If you want to do creative stuff then often it isn’t going to be a lucrative life. Of course, many people earn millions selling books. But the majority of the authors hardly survive by selling books. Yes, some paintings can fetch millions. But the rest are left to catch a few $100.

Yes, you can get to a decent amount of money. However, it requires discipline, consistency and shipping better work.

Slowly you can catch the pattern, reiterate and then somehow earn enough to do it again. Not survive rather enough money to do the whole artwork again. For example, if you need $100 to paint something and you earn $150 by selling it – you can’t survive on the $50 income. But it allows you to do the next painting and that should be your goal.

Craving for more money is the goal. Because it gives your freedom and leverage to do the things you love in life.

But there should be a limit. Because if you don’t then you will always be on the look for maximizing your net worth and end up not doing the work which matters.

The Basics

Yes, you need food, clothing, and shelter. So get a job and make sure your basic things are being met. Don’t chase art or whatever if it doesn’t bring you enough money to cover the basics.

Do it, save up the money and have a good cash flow system. Then find some time and do whatever you intend to do on a part-time basis.

Write a book, sing, dance – chances are you won’t bring in any money doing this. But you don’t have to worry because your basic things are met. And so you can focus on the creative side and give your best shot without any fear of failure. There is no situation of being homeless if you fail.

Upgrade Only If Necessary Or Required

Yes, changing your lifestyle is a good thing. But don’t it on impulse and once you get a hike or something. Always focus on maintaining a good balance in the bank so you have the liberty to switch jobs, stay at home, try new outlets.

When you get a hike – live at the same lifestyle and after 1 year upgrade your lifestyle a little. Rinse and repeat.

If you do this then you won’t be stressed with money issues. And your work output – be it at your day job or the creative work will be high.

Go now, keep making something. Because you can and should.

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