On Hindsight

The stock market is a fascinating thing. You view it as a means to become rich, a part of the investment options you have. But it is a means to support organization and vision whom you want to support.

And if you happen to be right, you get rewarded with a high share price. Which you can use to get multiple times profit and retire in peace.

But you don’t have to wait for decades, you can decide to sell your shares within a short time. And often you are looking for a quick buck – an instant release of dopamine.

So you buy a share and sell it within the day to book a profit. And then you rejoice, share this with friends and starts embracing the feeling of superhuman. But then you couldn’t hold yourself to check on the prices.

And it went even higher. Only if you had a little patience, you could have booked more profits…

The Opposite Is True Too

Looking back it might seem like you sold your shares too early. But there is no way of knowing that when you look ahead. You can only say it by hindsight.

And it could very well go down and then you could be thanking for selling it early enough.

Hindsight is all nice and it can be an indicator. But there is no guarantee of it to happen again in the future. All you can do is look back and draw inferences, tweak current decisions and try again. It isn’t guaranteed to work, guess what nothing is. But you need to try with your conscience and judgement and we are counting on you.

Same With Everything

Hindsight is important to see what you should have done. But it only helps if you take mental notes and work on them.

For example, when you look back to the relationship which didn’t take off then you can see places where you failed. Instead of cursing yourself, take a deep breath. You did what you felt was right back then.

If now you have different ideas then make it your habit. And be happy that you are better than your past self.

There is no fruitful application of hindsight except that it can either make you feel sad if you are bad in the current situation. Or it can make you feel happy if you are better. Either of which you can change going forward. All your actions matter now, at this very moment.