On Automation, AI And Farming

When you breathe oxygen you don’t do it because oxygen is some kind of beneficial thing which adds value. Rather it is needed so that your food can be burned to produce energy. The intake you do every day is sugar and fats. You need oxygen to break it down to get some usable energy.

So oxygen is indirectly helping you. It ain’t the energy to you in a direct sense. But it’s fine because the human body is complicated and does some weird function to help you survive.

Over the course of humanity, your ancestors discovered that farming is the best way to support survival. Because that way you can grow what is edible nearby and eat them. Instead of going out in the wild with no certainty of edible foods. Also, the threat of other wildlife is huge.

This becomes the start of community living and you started trading your expertise with others and found a cohesive way to succeed in life.

All of this worked fine but then our minds grew to such extent that we can now explore things beyond the normal route.

For other animals, they are still caught up in the cycle of surviving, eating food and reproducing. For you and other humans, everything is sorted so now you have another set of challenges to deal with.

It’s like how when you are a developing country, you have certain challenges like no water, less electricity and so on. And once you become a developed country, you think now your problems have vanished. Sure they have but now you develop new problems like equal rights, not shooting people and controlling gun violence.

In a nutshell, the problems don’t go away. With your maturity, the problems get bigger and deeper.

Plants Farming Us

Let me break the myth to many people. Plants are living beings – yes they don’t bleed or scream in agony as you do. But they do feel pain and shock. So they are quite alive as you are.

They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which helps us survive. So in a game of give and take, you and plants are serving each other.

So if you are not eating non-veg foods just because it is bad to kill then it’s bad logic because you are already killing plants to kill them.

If you need to survive then you need to kill someone and that is the cycle of nature. So choose your eating habit on some different rationale. Because if you believe by eating plants you are doing some great service then you are living in delusion.

You are a living creature among many others. And so are plants who are scattered around everywhere.

If you think of all the possibilities then it is likely that they have manifested the growth of the entire human race so that they resort to planting trees which will help them grow.

Plants can’t make sure that they will be protected. But by making someone who can relocate powerfully they have ensured that the number of plants doesn’t go extinct. Because our survival is linked to their survival.

So maybe you thought that you were farming to feed yourself. But in reality, plants could have been farming us to feed themselves in the larger picture.

Now that you are processing this information you can view the deforestation or the people who destroy plants as a means to stop them from overcoming the human culture. But before you can go and fight you need to remove the dependency from them.

Because unless you do so, destroying plants will destroy you too. Therefore, for now, deforestation isn’t a good move.

Artificial Intelligence

For decades there has been automation and you have ignored them. Millions of job got lost and you were fine with them. Because your job wasn’t targeted.

You invented the car so that the hand rickshaw pullers had to go away and so did the horse vehicles. You invented machines to fire thousands of employee who did the robotic job on assembly lines.

Sure these jobs were not snatched by some computer lines but rather by hardware automation. The computer work wasn’t highlighted and wasn’t big enough for people to notice.

And it kept on happening again and again. Until one day the computer software became so big and powerful that the higher class people jobs were in danger. Suddenly there came a roar that such things shouldn’t happen.

When they themselves were a result of the sheer automation which happened in so many years. And by seeing history as an example, you can see that there are good things happening because someone decided to cut the unnecessary steps.

So in this modern world, the people have been divided strongly into 2 sides – one with the automation and with who don’t want any more automation.

Before you can say you don’t want automation, you need to leave all the benefits which came because of it. At one end you want to enjoy everything because it happened before you and now you want to protect yourself too – kinda hypocrite and selfish, I believe.

Farming AI

This example is the same as farming. Initially, you were farming the AI to get something out of it. And now that it is becoming stronger, you don’t want it to grow.

But unlike farming where plants existed before us, AI exists because of us. And if it is evil then it is you who is bigger evil, you designed it.

And in the large scale of things, people upgraded from the old jobs to get on to more complicated jobs because automation snatched their jobs. So now looking at more automation be happy that the things you do will be replicated by them in a more efficient way. Thus your way of life will increase by more time-saving. And you will be forced to solve more difficult and interesting problems.

Aren’t you all looking for a way to bring out the best in you by challenging? This is a way of a challenge from AI that they will crush everything which is easy to understand by them. So you as a human don’t have any chance to do mediocre work.

I guess you should be happy that automation is happening, it is for your own good. Now go make something.